I can’t tell you how many amazing, smart, creative women I meet that have so much power, so many great ideas to share, are primed to make a real impact on the world -- but they’re completely and totally stuck. Overwhelmed. Spinning their wheels and missing out on having a life that is so within reach. Some of them are living to-do list to to-do list, completely bogged down in getting through each day. Others are on hold -- waiting to make things perfect, waiting until they are “ready,” waiting for someone to tell them the “right” thing to do.

While the circumstances are always different, each woman is facing the same struggle: they’ve become completely disconnected from their most valuable resource -- their intuition, their inner knowing.

I know this better than anyone. I’ve lived through the pain and the dark nights of the soul that come from not living the life I was meant to live.

About ten years ago, I had a giant paycheck, a fantastic apartment… and a big empty hole in my heart. I knew I had to find a way to feel whole again. So I took a giant leap -- quit my job, signed up for an energy healing program, moved -- and started my journey back to wholeness, back to myself.

And there has been no greater ally on this journey than my intuition. Now, I know how to access and protect this powerful source to help me navigate my life, relationships and business. Listening to my inner knowing makes me feel in flow, creative and powerful. It’s magical to see how the universe supports you when you follow the knowing of your soul; when you live life full out, in alignment with your deepest dreams and desires.

I want that for you. And I’m here to teach you how.

That’s why I created Because You Know. To provide a sacred container, a magical space and time where a group of powerful, creative, mission driven women can come together and learn to connect deeply to their intuition.

This program helped me connect with my joy again, in two words...it is a soul saver! Casey’s ability to nurture and guide you on this journey is invaluable — it has allowed me to be more confident in my decisions, to be more calm and centered and to believe in myself. That to me is priceless.
— Emma Bowen - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Remedial Massage Therapist & Positive Life Pixie
In the safe, soulful, nurturing space she creates, Casey re-introduced me to my intuition and freed me from the voice in my head that kept saying I should be doing things the “right” way. I am so much more confident, more grounded and more spiritual. And now, only weeks away from launching my business and marrying the love of my life, the fear is gone. Instead, I feel so open, genuinely grateful and excited for it all to begin.
— Alex Honeysett - Writer & Authentic Marketing Mentor
Since I started the morning ritual I am 100% more calm, clear, and guided. Having a clear intention as a guidepost for the last 4 weeks kept me on task and accountable. Since starting the Synchronicity Journal I have noticed so many amazing “coincidences.” My life is full of Miracles and “Luck”!!
— Alexandra Hill - Writer, Speaker, Desire Map Workshop Guide
In Casey’s Because You Know program, I learned about the power of setting intention. I set intention for my father’s 90th birthday party and the results were magic! When I met with my 5 siblings, there was fun and celebration. No tension and a deep sense of love and joy for each other and our father. And, we came from all over the world with our diverse personalities and beliefs. The amazing result is that now we as siblings are able to communicate clearly and transparently about the next steps for our parents as they prepare to move into an Assisted Living Home. A challenging and difficult time that has been made much easier because of my time with Casey and the other ladies in the group celebrating in love and partnership!
— Marjorie Ellen Warkentin - Coach, Leadership Consultant , Facilitator
After taking Casey’s Because You Know program, I now use the synchronicity journal every time I’m having doubts about something — it really helps me make decisions. Casey’s program is easy to follow, fun and helped me get in touch with my intuition and, most importantly, helped me re-learn how to love myself. And the meditations are amazing! Now that I’ve taken the program, I really trust myself and know that I really do know what’s best for me in any situation.
— Lena Penteado - Stylist, Coach, Author


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Working with Casey is one of those things you need to experience in order to know how good it really is. I could try and spend the time, try and find all the right words, but Casey is so much more than that, working with her is something you feel, she’s a journey, not just a walk in the park. With the most open mind and one of the strongest hearts, Casey fills me up with a loving warmth every time she speaks, but, more incredibly, every time she listens as well. Her wisdom and focus hone in on tangled parts of my mind and introduce clarity in a way I’ve never experienced before. Working with her gave meaning to that word. Simply put, Casey is life altering. Also, I would love to add that she is filled with the most awesome, beautiful surprises. I never thought a woman who pulled Goddess cards for me would also be able to relate to my love for the vulnerability in Eminem’s rap music!! Just another example of how this beautiful gentle soul is one authentic bombshell.
— Kelsey Belta - Speaker & Coach