Welcome, you brilliant beauty, you!


I am so excited and honored to be part of this beautiful journey as we get you unstuck, out of overwhelm, away from your to-do list and back to listening to your most valuable resource: your intuition. Over the next four weeks, I’ll be here to lead you through powerful, intuition-building tools and practices, to create a safe container for you to explore and question alongside your new sisters and to cheer you on as you own and integrate this wisdom and truly embody an abundant, expansive, intuition-led life.


Facebook Group

I’ll be inviting you to the Facebook group shortly. Keep an eye out for the invitation through Facebook – this is where we’ll be connecting in between classes, sharing questions, thoughts and celebrations and where the power of sisterhood will really come to life. I’ll be in here everyday, so make sure you join!


Call Schedule

We will meet every Wednesday at 3pm for an hour. The calls are scheduled for:

·       Wednesday, October 22 @ 3pm EST

·       Wednesday, October 29 @ 3pm EST

·       Wednesday, November 5 @ 3pm EST

·       Wednesday, November 12 @ 3pm EST

There are 3 ways to join the calls:

Please Note:  if you experience difficulties with any of these links, just call the main conference line at 917-765-4134.

1. Just call the number below on your phone & then use this link to connect on-line as well (not entirely necessary, but this is how to access the chat function, you will need to enter your name & email to sign in).




2. Or you can call in and view using only your computer (for this option you will need to use Google Chrome as your browser... but its a free download - just google it ;-)



3. International callers from outside the US, who wish to use their phone for the audio portion of the call can follow the link below to find the International Access Number for your country. (Its super easy!)  Once you’ve called your country’s access number it will prompt you to enter the number 1 and then the conference number (917-765-4134), followed by the # (no pin needed).  You can then also join us on-line following the conference link to access the chat function (but again, not required.




Your workbooks will arrive on the Monday of each week. The first will arrive on Monday, October 20th! If for whatever reason you don’t receive it, please let me know.


Brilliance Breakthrough Session

For the first 7 women that signed up, I offered 50% off the regular price of my 90-minute Brilliance Breakthrough Session. In this powerful 1:1 time together, we dig in deep to the areas of your life that need the most care and attention and create a roadmap to make the most high leverage changes. For any of you beauties that signed up early and selected this option I’ll be sending a link to book your session soon!


Why Not Start Now?

Earlier this year, I led a powerful tele-seminar where I walked a group of highly creative, intuitive women through creating their morning rituals. As you’ll get to know in the program, I think creating a morning ritual is one of the most powerful first steps to gaining clarity and reconnecting to your intuition.

To check out the teleseminar, head on over here. The password is morning. And make sure you download the worksheet!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at hello@caseywerinwood.com. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see your gorgeous faces in our Facebook group! And I look forward to officially beginning our soul-centered journey when we speak on Wednesday, October 22nd.