14 Things Danielle LaPorte Did Not Teach Me

Anyone that knows me, knows I love Danielle LaPorte. Whether you've read my articles, heard me speak or simply bumped into me in the last year, there is a good chance she’s come up. The first time I found her it felt like she was living in my heart and whispering the words of my soul back into my ear.  So needless to say I am a little taken with her — she is my person.

We all need a person, a person who inspires us, empowers us -- a person who commissions our greatness. {Click to Tweet}

So you can imagine how excited I was to see her speak this past weekend at the Emerging Women conference in New York. Truly I don’t have words.  

Here’s the thing though, I remember years ago learning about something called the paradox of rising expectation. Which is basically when you get so damn excited about something that you blow it way out of proportion and there is no way in hell that the reality can ever live up to your crazy, fantastical expectations.

And then sometimes — reality is even better.

Because here’s what I remembered during her magical session, and in the time I got to spend with her afterwards: Danielle doesn’t teach me anything I don’t already know, instead she guides me back to myself. She reminds me why I do what I do and why I feel so passionately about it. She helps me access the most intuitive, knowing parts of myself. She flings open all my doors and lets the air in.

The people that really speak to our souls, that give us permission to be the people we want to be, that free us from the shackles we keep strapping around our ankles — they’re not actually here to teach us.  

So here’s the thing about Danielle, and all the people out there that are not here to teach us   —she’s not my guru, she’s not my teacher — she’s my reminder, my instigator and my sanctifier and that’s what makes her my person.  She emboldens me to be me.

So without further ado, here are 14 Things Danielle LaPorte did NOT teach me this weekend...

  • Loving yourself does not guarantee you will be loved.  You will piss people off.

  • “Texting my girlfriends is a religion.”

  • Joy is a choice.

  • Grace is the cousin of synchronicity.

  • “My success is based on the no's I have said.”

  • At the heart of all desire is the desire for freedom.

  • “I am myself and therefore I am free.”

  • Don’t apologize for your ambitions.

  • Who has to get out of your way so you can shine?

  • “I dislike myself the most when I forget my tenderness.”

  • We are radiant creatures.

  • We become what we worship.

  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, choose your friends. Buy the plane ticket, go to the wedding.  Love gets on a plane!

  • And the most beautiful thing she did not teach me — but she sure as hell embodied, as a golden, glowing reminder — be your full blown, amazing, unapologetic, heart centered, vulnerable, authentically brilliant self.

“Permission granted.”


The reason I’m so drawn to Danielle is because she brings me home to myself. And, in my own unique way, I do the same for the women I work with.

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