Before You Start, You Should Stop

Do you ever stop at the beginning and wait... just wait... feel the promise of what is to come? Really feel it, acknowledge the amazingness that is the starting line in front of you. Whatever it is, the blank page, the new recipe, the sun about to rise, the feature presentation that is about to begin. 

Early mornings are my favourite time of day, I get up before anyone else is awake, do my morning ritual and then I stop. I stop and just feel into the moment... just be right there... right there where I am and steep in the promise of the day to come. 

Feeling into the promise of what is to come is one of the most satisfying things in the world, but you have to stop, you have to be there, you have to acknowledge it, you have to wait... wait... wait just a moment... before you begin.

Stopping to acknowledge the promise of what's to come anchors it in your bones and brings meaning to the moment. 

There is magic and allure in beginnings, hope and excitement in the promise of what's to come. Every time we stop and acknowledge the moment it brings us deeper into connection with our life. Deeper into connection with what inspires us, what ignites our soul and fuels our passion.

To live a passion filled life we have to be engaged in the moments, we have to stop and be where we are, right now.  {Click to tweet}


Next time you are about to begin...

STOP... notice how you are feeling, be there, be in your body, feel what you are feeling, right now, in this moment, be in your body.. and then... begin.

In the comments below, tell me what are you ready to begin?