7 Steps to Move Beyond Fear

We all have a unique brand of fear, a special way it likes to show up in our lives and make us freeze in the face of taking that next big step. My personal immobilizer is a little something I like to call perfection paralysis, just my way of naming my fear so i can wrap my brain around why I allow myself to stay stuck. 

Fear can look and sound a million different ways. For you it might be fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being laughed at, fear of standing out. But when you get right down to it, all fear can be distilled down to one central fear... the fear of being rejected and separated from love.

And here's the thing to remember, you are not alone, fear comes up for everyone, all the time! As I've said before... anytime you get ready to be bold fear will come in, every. single. time.

Recently my daughter came home after dark from the neighbours house, she came in shaking because we live in the middle of nowhere, there's no such thing as a street light and quite honestly its a little spooky sometimes. I snuggled her and told her  I was proud of her, that she was so brave... she looked at me sideways... "But Mom, I wasn't brave, I was scared!!" At which point I reminded her...

You can't be brave unless you are scared. {Click to Tweet}


So how do we get the courage together to move forward, how do we move through fear and take those first steps? I'm glad you asked...

Here are 7 Steps to Move Beyond Fear... so grab your journal or fresh sheet of paper and begin answering the following questions:

  1. What's the big thing that fear is holding you back from doing? What do you want to accomplish, what are you trying to achieve? Why is it important for you to do this, start this, make this, be this?
  2. What is that voice inside your head saying that is keeping you stuck, keeping you from moving forward? Write them out, the actual words you hear in your head. 
  3. What are you really afraid of, what is the worst case scenario, what would happen if all those fears came true, if that voice is right? What would your life look like? How would that feel? 
  4. What would happen if you did nothing, if you just decided to stick with how things are, keep the status quo. How would you feel, what would your life be like in 6 months, 2 years, 10 years?
  5. Now, what is the best case scenario, what if those fears are unfounded? What would it feel like to actually accomplish the big thing? What would your life be like in 6 months, 2 years, 10 years? How would you be different as a person?
  6. Now look back at your answers and ask yourself, is the risk worth it? (Hint: unless one of the realistic fears is death, then its probably worth it!)
  7. Now go with me on this next one... take one more minute and write out a few lines of thanks to your fears, acknowledge that you heard them and that you appreciate their efforts to keep you safe.

That's it, close the journal, put down the pen and get going

Remember, confidence comes through action!  

The more you move in the direction of your dreams the more you will be rewarded with the courage to be bold and keep going. {Click to Tweet}


Its a beautiful cycle that continues to support you... but the trick is, you actually have to start!

In the comments below I'd love to hear how this exercise has been for you, let me know if you've had any interesting ah-ha moments while listening to your fears.