5 Words No Bride Wants to Hear

By the time you read this I will be married to the love of my life.

Right now I am away, soaking in the sunshine of Las Vegas and basking in the love of my family. But before we got here I had to answer a question that no bride wants to hear from her groom two weeks before their wedding.

“Why are we getting married?”

Before you think my sweetheart is the biggest jerk in the world, I should share a little of our story.

We have been together a long time and we have done a lot in that time... owned three businesses, traveled all over the world, built our dream home, bought and sold countless cars and homes and stuff. Been through the challenges of raising a blended family, had our fair share of heart ache, health concerns and hardship. Produced a beautiful little human and supported her as she’s grown into an amazing eight year old... and created a life that supports our dreams, together and as individuals.

So, I could have freaked out about what he said but instead I decided to hear what he meant...

I love you, you love me, we don’t need a piece of paper to prove that. We have made a life together, we have made a home and created a beautiful space where we can bring together our family and friends. Why do we need to drag 40 of our loved ones across the country to go through some outdated ritual to prove that?

And the truth is we don’t. We don’t need to get married. We don’t need a piece of paper to prove anything.

But what he was really asking is this... “Tell me again why this is important, tell me again why this matters?”

What he really needed to hear was our INTENTION... so I reminded him...

The intention of our marriage ceremony is to celebrate the life we have created and to communicate our immense gratitude for the support we have received in creating our life together... support from each other... support from our loved ones... support from the universe.

Why do we need to get married in order to do this... because I believe in the magic and power of ritual, ceremony & celebration. I believe ceremonies honour and anchor the milestones and passages of our lives. They acknowledge not only the something that is being celebrated but also everyone and everything that has gone into making that something possible.

We perform ceremonies to honour and celebrate the combined energies that came together to create a unique entity. {click to tweet}


And I believe that the universe speaks and understands the language of ritual and ceremony. To communicate our intention... our gratitude for the support of the universe... we need to speak its language.

The universe is constantly communicating with us, we should not only listen, we should join the conversation. {click to tweet}




here we are on

the big day.