Wouldn't You Like to Know!?

A few weeks ago, my amazing designer sent over proofs for two different business card ideas -- these were the first tangible items that had come from our delicious collaboration. I saw her email hit my inbox and scootched to the edge of my seat to open it. I was all tingly and nervous to see what she had created, quickly read her words (she was including two different versions for me to consider) and hurriedly scrolled down the page to see the images. I was not disappointed--they were gorgeous! 

Exactly the feel we had been going for and so very ME.

I had given her a stack of photos to pick through and she went with one of me and my husband. It’s a beautiful picture of the two of us, our darling wedding photographer grabbed the shot during our engagement session this past spring. It so captured everything I love about life and the life I work with women to achieve: beauty, sparkle, passion and fun!

I was thrilled -- she nailed it.  

Now all I had to do was decide between the two designs, which both featured the photo but had slightly different layouts to choose from. I went to the handy dandy internet to ask for some advice.  I posted the photos in a Facebook group full of amazing, supportive and wicked smart women.  I included a note asking which one they liked better and then went on about my day. When I returned, true to form, these wonderful women had given me all sorts of fantastic suggestions and loads of congratulations on how beautiful the designs were… but I didn’t hear any of that.  All I heard were the numerous comments questioning whether or not I should be using that particular picture.  

Their concern was that people would be confused by it -- was I relationship coach? (Not specifically).  Are my husband and I a coaching team? (Ahhh... Nope). They said “people won’t get what you do.”

I felt my heart sink… I loved that picture. Feeling deflated, I went to find a new one.  

I spent two hours searching for one that captured the feeling I was trying to convey, one that depicted a bold, luscious life… the passionate, full life I know we can all have when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and finally let our authentic brilliance shine.  

Eventually I ended up shuffling a few “okay” photos into an email, sent it off to my designer and jumped on my weekly sister circle call -- a time when I meet with a group of my sisters from my master coaching program, we talk about life, our businesses and anything else that’s on our minds. When my turn came I felt tense and cranky and ended up bemoaning the fact that the picture wasn’t right. As the words were coming out of my mouth it suddenly occurred to me: I didn’t want my business cards to be “right” -- I wanted them to be me. 

I wanted to love them, I wanted to feel excited to share them, I wanted to feel like I was handing out a little piece of myself with every one!

The work I do is hard to fit in a box. So much of it comes down to a feeling, and I wanted to share that feeling with every card.  So as soon as got off the call, I immediately sent another email to my designer and said “Please stick with the original design… it’s me, it’s beautiful and I love it!”

Here’s the thing: I knew I loved it, from the very first moment I saw it. But I let a niggling of self doubt creep in because I thought I needed to make the “right” choice, instead of the choice that was “right for me”.

There is value in asking the opinions of people we trust -- outside input and fresh ideas can be just what we need sometimes -- but often we go looking for answers that we already know, because we haven’t learned to trust our inner knowing.  

When it’s right we know it. We know it in our hearts, we know it in our bodies. {tweet it}

It’s taken me a long time to get back to the place where I trust my intuition. Our culture teaches us not to trust ourselves, to devalue our feelings, to “use our head.”  But I’ve found my life works way better when I use my heart and I am so grateful for experiences like this one that remind me that I already know.


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