Have you ever thought about making videos for your business?

A few months ago, I  released my first “business” video into the world.  It’s something I have been wanting to do for months.  I’ve talked about it with friends, colleagues, my own coach, my family and everyone agreed -- Yes!  Video is perfect for you!   An amazing way to connect and you are so REAL in person, which will come across so authentically in a video. But even with a chorus of cheerleaders I kept delaying.   I kept thinking:  I need the right equipment, the right words, the right lighting, the right clothes -- there’s just so much new technology to learn, I’ll need to trudge up this giant mountain of a learning curve, I just don’t have time.

In my former incarnation, I was in the film industry.  I went to film school, studied my ass off, created for fun and had a blast.  I worked as a camera assistant on commercials, TV series and movies until finally I ended up running a massive camera rental department, first in Calgary, then in Vancouver.   I worked with ridiculously talented people,  the cream of the crop in their fields - amazing directors, producers, camera assistants, operators and cinematographers -- one of whom I ended up marrying (but that’s a whole other story).  And for a long time I loved it, and then...I didn't.  Things changed, I changed. I got supremely burnt out and I lost my passion for it (you can hear more about that journey here), so I left that part of my life behind.

Or so I thought. As my coaching practice grew and the call to speak to a larger audience got louder, I realized that video was going to be an important way to connect with my tribe.   It’s such a great medium -- a way for people to see, hear and feel the real you.   So I proceeded to slog away learning all the new technology and re-accessing my film making knowledge and skills -- which were buried deep in recesses of my brain -- somewhere between my knowledge of tap dancing and the periodic table of elements (just kidding, I’m pretty sure the periodic table of elements got deleted years ago.)

And to be completely honest,  it took a long time to put that first one together -- for two reasons.  One, there a lot of moving pieces that go into making a decent looking video -- on a next to nothing budget -- with a crew of one.  And two, I mistakenly hired Perfectionist Casey to produce the damn thing!  Not to worry: I eventually fired her and hired Oh Shit This Can Actually Be Fun Casey instead -- she was a blast to work with and is a master at getting shit done.  Mainly because she thinks perfection is a myth and prefers creating to critiquing -- plus she loves to dance and was a massive hit at the wrap party!

So off it went into the world.  And the response was amazing, but one of the biggest responses I got was completely unexpected.

Oh, I wanna make videos too! I have been wanting to make one forever!  How did you do it? Do you have any pointers? What equipment did you use? How did you know where to start? Where did you host it? What editing software did you use?  

And my personal favorite -- did you make those quilts in the background?   (to which I happily answered, yes ;-)

So it seems there are a ton of other creative entrepreneurs wanting to dive into the video pool.  

That’s when I remembered that I actually know a thing or two (or twenty) about this video thing.  You know when you learned something a million years ago or you have a talent that is so much a part of who you are that you actually forget it’s a thing after a while?

Anyway, it got me thinking: maybe I should offer a course  on creating videos, one that covers the all those pesky technical basics but also addresses the underlying fears and struggles that keep people from getting in front of the camera.

So are you one of those people that’s been wanting to make videos but doesn’t know where to start or is totally terrified about getting in front of the camera?

Then you might want to come on over and check out my FREE Five-Steps to Creating Authentically Brilliant Videos Training Series -- simple, fun and designed to get you out of overwhelm and in front of the camera!