Are You Subconsciously Hiding In Your Biz?

Meet Shelley Cohen, one of the brilliant women who participated in the last round of Create Authentically Brilliant Videos. I met Shelley at a conference down in Dallas earlier this year, and, unlike Nadia, Shelley was all over this video thing and already using them to support her business and connect with her tribe. She signed up for Create Authentically Brilliant Videos expecting to hone a few last technical skills.

She got those. But what she also got was a hugely transformational realization. Here’s her story and the beautifully vulnerable video that came out of it.

“I’d been creating videos for just under a year and felt like I had a pretty decent grasp on the equipment I needed to shoot and style my content.  But during a recent ladypreneur conference in Dallas, a soul-shaking realization hit me…I was lacking the confidence to speak directly with my viewers!  Yup, I had subconsciously been hiding in my business!
As a Life & Style Coach that promotes self-love, acceptance and self-confidence, I was horrified to discover this suppressed fact.  As a result, I felt like I wasn’t being honest, first and foremost with myself, but I also wasn’t being open and transparent with my audience.
Thanks to Casey’s gentle and incredibly supportive nature coupled with her mind-blowing knowledge on all elements to do with producing and creating your own gorgeous videos, those days of hiding behind my security blanket of voice-over are so out of style!
Not only did she make me feel confident and comfortable in presenting who I was to the digital world from a very personal standpoint…but her Create Authentically Brilliant Videos class gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to really capture and deliver the true essence of my message, and really allowed my best sparkly self to connect to my audience on a deeper level than I could have ever dreamed about.”
"When it comes to complete video creation courses, there is simply nothing else that comes close to the perfect combination of ‘heart and smarts’ that Casey Erin Wood’s class, Create Authentically Brilliant Videos offers."

— Shelley Cohen, Founder | Editor-in-Chief | Life & Style Coach

Interested in learning more about making videos for your biz, ones that feel real, authentic and totally like YOU?  Check out my free 5 Steps to Creating Authentically Brilliant Videos course and get ready to stop hiding and start shining!