Be Seen for Your Authentic Brilliance on Video

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Adria DeCorte for her Feed Your Hustle podcast. Adria’s a clarity and visibility coach who works with her clients on finding ways to “hustle” smarter in their biz.

I’ve known Adria for a while now, but it wasn’t until she joined (and rocked out!) my recent Just Hit Record challenge that we came to realize how aligned our messages are and just how much we have in common.


We are both fiercely committed to supporting women in getting their work out in the world and in finding ways to help them increase their visibility so they can increase their reach and impact.

For this interview Adria asked me to come on and talk about how leveraging the power of video to showcase your brilliance makes you more magnetic… and downright likeable.


We also ended up digging into some of my favourite subjects where I shared:

→ How so many of us introverts need to do the dance of visibility when it comes to putting ourselves out there—stepping out into the spotlight and then dancing back into the wings to restore and rejuvenate. (And how that’s totally okay!)
→ The feminine practices I use to “burn out”-proof and “brittle”-proof my business
→ How showing up as you are removes the “push push push” from your hustle
→ How I map out my year, based on my own rhythms and cycles—so key!
→ How to begin to shine your authentic brilliance through video (even if you’re a perfectionist, introvert, or simply scared to death)—it’s possible and there’s a method to it


And most importantly:

→ Why you need to get visible (and a little vulnerable) in order to truly build your tribe and community


Click here to have a listen. 

Remember... it all comes back to your impact!


P.S. If this podcast inspired you, then I invite you to ask yourself: Am I ready to get VISIBLE (and mega-magnetic) right now?

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