Webinar Gone Wild: How to Complicate a “Simple” Webinar

You know when you start a new project and you get a little way in and all these ideas start coming to you and you’re like, “oh you know what would be so cool!” and “if I did this, then that would work better here” and “if I add just this one more thing, then it’s totally going to rock” and before you know it your project takes on a life of its own and turns into this giant “thing”. Even the projects that are supposed to be simple. That’s what happened with my last webinar: How to Craft a Kick Ass Welcome Video.

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The frustration of hitting a plateau [and how to move past it]

Last fall, everything felt a little messy.

I had been creating amazing work for my clients and collaborators, but things definitely weren’t coming as easily as they had in the past. I was working on writing an upcoming book about a life-altering, magical trip through the sacred goddess sites of Ireland, and I knew that I needed to focus on it… but the words just wouldn’t come.

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