Be Seen for Your Authentic Brilliance on Video

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Adria DeCorte for her Feed Your Hustle podcast—a kindred soul who is also obsessed with supporting women in getting their work out in the world. We talked about the feminine practices I use to avoid burnout, how to take the “push, push, push” out of your hustle, how I map my year based on my rhythms and cycles and so much more.

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The real reason I run my Just Hit Record Challenge

Last month I wrapped up another amazing round of Just Hit Record—my five day challenge where I ask courageous creatives to record a short video in response to a daily prompt. As creatives we are constantly told that we need to expand our reach, attract new people, grow our list, build our platform, and in the challenge I talk a lot about how video can help these women get their faces and stories out in the world. But that’s not the real reason I run the challenge

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The frustration of hitting a plateau [and how to move past it]

Last fall, everything felt a little messy.

I had been creating amazing work for my clients and collaborators, but things definitely weren’t coming as easily as they had in the past. I was working on writing an upcoming book about a life-altering, magical trip through the sacred goddess sites of Ireland, and I knew that I needed to focus on it… but the words just wouldn’t come.

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