Meet my friend Nadia.

When I met Nadia Finer at a ladyboss biz conference a few years ago she was absolutely terrified by the idea of making videos. But as a kick ass business coach for women entrepreneurs she knew that if she really wanted to walk her talk and get her clients to stop “hiding” in their businesses, she was going to need to take the lead.

I thought many of you could relate to where she started, so I wanted to share her story with you.

After a little coaching (and coaxing) and promising that it would be way less painful than she thought, I persuaded her to let me record her first ever video. Totally unscripted, totally freestyle, totally outside in a noisy entrance way — totally all Nadia.  

Here it is: 

Amazing right?! And now that you’ve heard her speak, I can tell you her tag line: Little voice. Big business. And how better to showcase that little voice than in video! So back across the pond flew Nadia and buoyed by her recent foray into the world of moving pictures she immediately — did nothing.

She hit the wall of resistance. As she explains: “I had a beautiful moment and then I got home and was like, oh shit, now I really have to do this”.

Her first video had gotten an amazing response. People loved it and her (how could you not?!) but there was a part of her that was still resisting. She later told me: “I knew that if I did the videos it was going to take my business to the next level and I was resisting… “it was an emotional barrier”.

Nadia also takes her brand and her business seriously. She didn’t want to put out videos that were “crap.” She wanted them to have a certain standard, she wanted them to look “professional” (sound familiar?).

Nadia was also in the beginning stages of launching a new venture, her Actionista Academy, (part mastermind, part kick in the ass community for small business owners) when she joined Create Authentically Brilliant Videos and started working through her resistance and discovering how to make “professional” videos (AKA not “crap”).

When I asked her about her experience in the course she told me that she loved not having to worry about the tech anymore, loved that she could “just get on with it” and that she really appreciated the “valuable step by step guide”. But that the main thing for her, was “knowing that you are there, rooting for me”, knowing that “you believe I can do it.”

Nadia’s first videos were reserved for her smaller community, including a welcome video for her Academy, but as her confidence grew she began including them in her newsletters as well.

Here is another one of her videos:  

I love how she includes her story—and how her humour and personality come through in the authentic and vulnerable way she shares it.

Little voice, big IMPACT.

Looking back Nadia said she can’t believe that she created such a “monster” out of making videos and has now become a massive video convert. Not long after she began showcasing her brilliance to her community through videos she saw enrolment in her Academy grow from “3 or 4” people to almost 40!

It’s totally normal to take that first leap into video and then look up and wonder how in the hell you are going to get back to the top of that mountain and do it again, especially if you are kinda stymied by the technical aspects of it.

But if you are ready to take those next steps and start building your own thriving community like Nadia, keep an eye out for info on how to partner with me to do just that in the next few days.

It’s time love bug!