The real reason I run my Just Hit Record Challenge

Last month I wrapped up another amazing round of Just Hit Record—my five day challenge where I ask courageous creatives to record a short video in response to a daily prompt.

The only “rules” are:

  • Don’t over-think it—just say whatever comes to mind (it isn’t about being eloquent)
  • Don’t worry about your hair, or makeup, or anything technical—at all!
  • Try to keep it under a minute (most of us failed at this part)

The idea is that by having people just hit record, they’ll get out of their head long enough to move past all the hangups we have about being on camera. The challenge is always filled with ridiculously brilliant, mission-driven women who are looking for ways to increase their visibility, so that they can get their work out in the world in a bigger way.

As creatives we are constantly told that we need to expand our reach, attract new people, grow our list, build our platform—if we ever want people to actually find us and our work. So when I’m promoting the challenge, I’m careful to focus on those benefits of using video—and yes, video is an AMAZING way to get yourself out there, for sure.

But it’s not the real reason I run the challenge.

People sign up to learn how to bust past those initial video fears, but what they end up getting is SO MUCH MORE.

The funny thing is, this time I got so wrapped up in promoting it—in writing the newsletter invitations and the sign-up page and the social media posts and the welcome emails—that I kinda forgot why I actually run the challenge in the first place.

That is, until it started.

And then before you know it, I’m hit smack dab in the heart of it bearing witness to my own tag line: Video. It’s about connecting, not perfecting.

Suddenly I’m watching these amazing women blossom and expand right before my eyes, watching them go from shaky and shy on day one to laughing and lit up by day five. Why?

Because the challenge is actually about being seen, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable enough to be seen—to shine our brilliance out beyond our safe little cocoon and to see what that actually feels like.

The result? Massive connection.

Everyone starts to see themselves in one another. They hear their own struggles coming out of the mouths of the others, they see their own nervousness in the other women and most importantly, they see their own brilliance reflected back at them.

That’s pure resonance baby.

Not to mention getting to see their glowing faces, gorgeous smiles and quirky adorableness coming through. There really is nothing like video for sharing more of who we are, it allows people to get to know us so much more quickly and at a much deeper level—it’s a kick ass connection medium for sure!

I experienced it on an even more personal level this time, as I went even deeper into the process right along with these brilliant women.

Before we began I made a commitment to myself that I was going to stretch my vulnerability and work my courage muscle by stepping out a little further in what I call the dance of visibility. I shared myself in a way that I hadn’t before—I showed up without makeup, without thought for the extra weight I’ve put on, and without worrying about the fact that my eyebrows truly are crooked—I simply showed up and let myself be seen.

And what happened?

Magic—as it so often does when we allow ourselves to be real, to be vulnerable, to trust. #trustsurrenderleap.

My Revivify retreat (which had stalled out on registrations after my initial launch)—all but sold out with women from the challenge—there’s only one spot left! In sharing my vulnerability and perfectly flawed self, I created trust and connection with women who were all but strangers a week before.

It showed me once again—in golden neon glitter (yes, that’s a thing in my world)—just how powerful this whole video thing really is.

So I invite you to ask yourself: how can you bring more visibly and vulnerability into your world, so you can start creating deeper connections with the people you want to reach? If you're thinking video, then I have just the thing!

Click below to download a whole list of fun ideas of ways you can start incorporating video into you business.  It’s a pretty little PDF called, 21 Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Biz (I’ve shared this before, but I thought it would be a fun—and now much prettier—little refresher for some of you).



If #1 looks especially interesting, you’ll want to keep your eye on your inbox—I’ve got a special treat coming your way that’s going to make that one a breeze!

To showing up and being seen!

P.S. Feeling inspired to start making videos for your biz, but have no idea HOW in the world to actually do it? I’ve got you covered there too. Doors are now open for my Create Authentically Brilliant Videos course; you can find all the details right over here. As you’ll see when you jump in, the course includes a mix of Just Hit Record challenges to help you develop that courage muscle and lots of easy to follow behind-the-scenes training.

P.P.S. After I finalized the 21 Ways PDF above, I thought of one more fun way to use video, click here to see a little collection of video social media “teasers” I made to promote the course. These aren’t overly “polished” just real, simple and awesomely effective—it’s about connecting, not perfecting after all. ;-)