Webinar Gone Wild: How to Complicate a “Simple” Webinar

You know when you start a new project and you get a little way in and all these ideas start coming to you and you’re like, “oh you know what would be so cool!” and “if I did this, then that would work better here” and “if I add just this one more thing, then it’s totally going to rock” and before you know your project takes on a life of its own and turns into this giant “thing”. Even the projects that are supposed to be simple.

That’s what happened with my last webinar: How to Craft a Kick Ass Welcome Video.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to surf the waves in the vast unknown of the creative ocean—rising and falling between “this is awesome” and “shit, this was just supposed to be a simple webinar!”

Especially since I had most of the content done already: an example video and accompanying script template. I was planning on pulling them straight out of the script writing lesson in my Create Authentically Brilliant Videos course—to give people an appetizer portion of what they can expect, a little taste test if you will.

All I had to do was show the example video and explain how I structured the script. Easy peasy.

Except, nope.

While I love that video and script format, it’s really more designed as a welcome video for a course or program, it doesn’t work as well as a website welcome video. And I realized that most people were looking for the latter—a way to immediately engage people arriving at their site, so they could make a “formal” connection (signing up for their newsletter, downloading their welcome gift, following them on Instagram) before the newcomers clicked away, never to be heard from again.

Then, as often happens, when a creative work doesn’t feel quite right, I woke up in the middle of the night with a whole new (considerably more elaborate, not to mention time consuming) plan.

I suspect this is going to sound familiar, creating is messy sometimes.

How to Complicate a “Simple” Webinar:

1. Design a completely new “website welcome video” script format (fuss over this for hours, debating the order and impact of each section).

2. Write an entirely new script with said format (go way over the 2 minute time limit you were going to share as the “rule” during the webinar).

3. Shoot and edit your welcome video (worry and fuss over the fact that you have permanent racoon eyes from your elegant but entirely oversized Jackie O style sunglasses).

4. Have new script format and template designed into a pretty PDF (change your mind ten times and give your designer about five minutes to complete it).

5. Outline the webinar content (realize there is no way this is going to work as a traditional webinar, nobody wants to watch you fumble back and forth between the slides, the video and the chat box).

6. Say fuck it and decide to do it your way instead—have people watch a pre-recorded video and then follow it up with a Q&A (realize this isn’t really “your way”—hello, film festival screenings everywhere).

6. Create keynote slides for your content (decide they need to be more stylized and spend hours in Canva making graphics—cause you feel too guilty to ask your designer after the recent deadline debacle)

7. Record yourself giving the keynote slide presentation (make sure you are the only person home with your new puppy, that way you’ll have the opportunity to start over at least six times).

8. Edit together your keynote presentation with your new example video (decide you need to go back to Canva—because, more graphics!).

9. Finalize and upload it to your webinar platform and your done! (Oh, except for coming up with a way to try and explain to your live audience why they are watching a pre-recorded video).

10. Show up on the day and deliver (realize that “necessity really is the mother invention”, that you’ve created a kick ass training video and people are loving it).

And as tends to happen when you let the creative process get a little messy:

11) Come to the realization: you created something awesome that didn’t exist before.

Plus bonus: you now have a kick ass new welcome video for your own website! AND if you keep this training around, you’re going to allow a whole bunch of other creatives to do the same—to craft their own kick ass welcome videos that will have them engaging and building their tribes in a whole new way.

So now you’re curious right? You want to see it, don’t ya? Admit it, you do.

Well good news! Since you’re already part of my tribe of brilliant beauties you can still get the training, for free!

But it’s only free for the next 2 days, after that it’s gonna cost ya. ;-)

So what are you waiting for, head on over here to catch it before it’s gone.