How to Write a Love Letter… to yourself.


Valentine’s Day is over, it’s over, it’s over.

Anyone else have that obscure Billy Bragg lyric running through their head at this time of year? Whether you’re nodding your head in agreement or have no idea what I’m talking about, the fact remains our culture’s ordained day of love has come and gone once again (and it probably feels like a million years ago already). 

But that doesn’t mean the lovefest needs to end.  

In fact, it’s entirely possible you didn’t even get a glitter-filled, shiny red festival of love in the first place.  Maybe you're single, maybe your kid got sick and date night got scrapped, or maybe you're like me and your sweetheart thinks Valentine’s day is a pre-manufactured holiday and so refuses to participate (in his defense he’ll bring me flowers on a random Tuesday, so I can't actually complain).

But however your day went I know one thing for sure, more love is always a good idea. And more love from you to you—well that’s the best idea of all and probably not something you spend much time focusing on. Am I right?

Let’s change that. 

I’ve come up with a super simple (and fun) way to get your personal adoration on—a good old fashioned love letter! And bonus—this one will get delivered right to your mailbox. Who doesn’t love getting honest to goodness mail?!

How is this fairy magic possible you ask? Well let me tell you… 

There’s a button below that says “Send me some love.” Click on it and you’ll get a lovely little missive of love template so you can easily compose your personal communiqué (you’ll also get all the details on how to send your letter). Basically, it goes like this…

  1. Write the letter.

  2. Send the letter to me.

  3. When the time is right I send it back to you.

  4. You get a heart melting letter of love from YOU to YOU.

My guess? It will come just when you need your words the most. How do I know? Magic (and trust).

So what are you waiting for?  Click below and let’s get this lovefest started.