Your Rejuvenation Fairy Has Arrived

In my last post,  I walked you through three ways to renew and refresh your new year’s goals and shared my theme words to help me navigate the year ahead.  

Focus ~ Compassion ~ Pleasure

And I gathered from the response I got that these words resonated with you as much as they resonated with me. And not just the focus part—most of us get that one, so much so that we end up spending most of our time there, building our businesses, creating our creations and designing our dreams.  But if you stay in this hyper-focused state—in “do” mode—before you know it, you won’t have much “do” left in you.  (Can you say burn-out?)

That’s where compassion and pleasure come in.

Treating yourself with compassion (you know, looking up from your laptop once in awhile or breathing actual fresh air) and bringing pleasure into your life (when was the last time you took a dance break or read some fiction?)—these are the things that refuel us and allow us to go back to focused “do-ing” with renewed energy and inspiration.

So, this year, consider me your Rejuvenation Fairy.

Popping into your inbox to sprinkle some compassion and pleasure reminders.  Reminders to stop and smell the peonies, to be kind to you, to bring a little more beauty and luxuriousness into your life.  It’s not only good for your head and heart—it’s good for your business!

First up, a reminder that you are more than your big, beautiful brain (no matter how fantabulous and creative and amazing it is).  

Remember that glorious body of yours—that thing puts what your brain thinks into action—it could use a little attention.  So I’m sharing one of my favourite ways to do a quick little reconnect with it, called a body scan.

This short & sweet little meditation usually lives inside my Start Your Day + Revamp Your Life mini course, but I thought I would liberate it and give you a no-excuses-totally-doable-easy-to-access way to give yourself (and your big beautiful brain) a seven minute rejuvenation break.

Seriously—it’s 7 minutes—go!


Here’s to feeling energized and inspired!

PS -  Start Your Day + Revamp Your Life is all about creating a personalized morning ritual that allows you to start your day from this filled-up and energized place, you can jump in and check it out here.  (Oh and it’s totally free!)


Feeling a little frazzled and worn around the edges?  Your #Rejuvenation Fairy @caseyerinwood is here to help. {click to tweet}


PPS - Want to feel this way more often?  Bookmark this page and put a recurring reminder in your calendar to come on back and give yourself this lovely little break everyday, or even once a week—you deserve it!