Hello you brilliant beauty,


So excited you're here to learn more about my 2015 Brilliance Mastermind!

I’ve been doing a lot of fun intention-setting for 2015 with my clients this month, and many of them (in different ways) asked me if I knew of some type of program in the new year that would help them deepen their relationship with themselves (and with what I like to call their Authentic Brilliance!) while creating and growing nourishing, sustainable, super successful businesses at the same time?


And I didn’t. So I created one, ‘cause that’s just how I roll these days.

The 2015 Brilliance Mastermind will run from January 5 - March 29. I’m keeping it intentionally small so each woman feels seen, heard and held in our container of sisterhood. I’m also purposefully inviting women, like you, that I’ve watched grow this past year and that I’d love to see really step into their feminine essence, continue to learn how to take exquisite care of themselves and bust out their businesses in 2015.

I’ve invited Alex Honeysett to join as our Authentic Marketing Mentor. Alex has been my marketing mentor (and dear sweet friend) for the past year -- she is truly an untapped natural resource for learning how to soulfully and authentically grow your community. Alex taught me how and why being my sometimes goofy, sometimes complicated, sometimes I-don’t-always-know-exactly-what-I’m-doing, authentic human self was actually the best way to market myself and my business, and now I don’t send out any kind of “marketing” without passing it by her authenticity meter -- she keeps me, me!!  (To find out a little more about Alex, check out the bottom of this page.)


Through live calls, meditations, and workbooks, Alex and I will lead you in learning how to:


  • Own your Authentic Brilliance, through the process of transformational healing.

  • Call back those parts of yourself that have gotten lost and shut down.

  • Take exquisite, purposeful care of yourself (no matter how many kids or businesses you’re running!).

  • Confidently put yourself out into the world, unapologetically, as no one other than yourself.

  • Create an emotional connection with your audience that will change the way you think about marketing.

  • Implement Alex’s favourite tools and templates for speaking authentically to your community.

  • Create a customized  marketing plan for the launch of your next program that you’re going to feel amazing about.


During our three months together, you will receive:


  • Two weekly group training calls a month; the first led by me, the second led by Alex.

  • Lessons delivered to your inbox, which will include a combination of worksheets, meditations and resources.

  • One monthly group coaching and Q&A call with both of us.

  • Access to the Brilliance Mastermind private Facebook group, where we’ll ask and answer questions, work through anything that comes up and celebrate your successes.

  • Weekly sister circle calls where you will get the chance to really be seen and heard. Once a month I will join you on these calls and we will dive deeper into any area where you are needing support.

  • Two separate 1:1 intensive sessions with Casey and Alex at the end of the program.



I’m intentionally keeping this program affordable at $250/month because, if you do decide to join us, I really want it to feel like an expansive, easy yes.

If you’re interested, I’d love to jump on the phone and talk through the program. Just head over here and book some time that works for you. Or, if you have any quick questions, feel free to email me at casey@caseyerinwood.com or Alex at honeysettcoaching@gmail.com directly.

The biggest surprise and joy of 2014 was learning how to keep my life full of wonder, magic, ease and play while significantly growing my business. If this gives you the feel-goods, I’d love to lead you in learning how to do the same!


Confirm Your Spot Now! 3 Monthly Payments of $250

Ready to say yes to an amazing 2015?!  

Confirm your place in our circle by making your January payment.  You will be billed the 2 additional monthly payments on January 15th and February 15th.

more About Alex


Alex Honeysett is a columnist for The Daily Muse and an authentic marketing coach. Having spent the last ten years leading PR, marketing and social media strategies for brands like Thomson Reuters, NASDAQ and Channel One News, she's seen every template, tip and tool for getting your community to fall in love with your brand. And while these frameworks are the foundation of the most successful marketing strategies, they are not the reason people will buy what you’re selling as a small business owner: she believes YOU are. Now, Alex helps entrepreneurs find and own their unique brand voice and create emotional connections with the people they were put on this planet to serve. In addition to her work with the Daily Muse, Alex has been published in Forbes, Mashable and Inc.

Casey & Alex in NYC

Casey & Alex in NYC

Confirm Your Spot Now! 3 Monthly Payments of $250

Ready to say yes to an amazing 2015?!  

Confirm your place in our circle by making your January payment.  You will be billed the 2 additional monthly payments on January 15th and February 15th.