A unique step-by-step process for making kick-ass videos that build REAL connections and insanely engaged audiences.



Create Authentically Brilliant Videos is a blueprint to lead you, the heart-centered creative or soulful entrepreneur, on a video-creating journey. End result? More vulnerability. BIG visibility. Deeper connection. Massive Impact.  Booked Solid.


You. Are. Ready.


I know you are. What I also know? When it comes to building your platform and confidently getting your message out in the world, you are:

  • Hiding behind your perfection, behind your busy-ness, behind your massive doubt.
  • Not yet showing up as your true self. You’re hiding your weird little quirks, the deeper parts of your story and the things that TRULY get you fired up  because you think you need to show-up in a certain way for people to take you seriously–rather than being who you truly are.

If you’ve ever tried to create videos before, you probably got some great video ideas down, started to plan them out and maybe even wrote a script or two. And then?  You froze!

You wonder:

  • What’ll they say?
  • How will I look?
  • Will I sound like an idiot?

...then, before you knew it, you were too terrified to hit record! (I’ve been there—camera shy doesn’t even begin to describe me).

I met Casey at a conference where I watched her coach another scared entrepreneur from zero to full-speed in about an hour! After seeing that I felt called to take part in Casey’s course. In the two months since, I’ve found my voice, worked through my paralyzing fear, clarified my message, and gotten the courage to record a video almost daily. If I hadn’t met Casey and seen her coach my friend through this, I’d probably still be wishing/hoping/wondering when my time would come. Oh, and guess what? The first week I did videos I made $2k in sales (without even selling) as a direct result of my videos! And in the two months since - I’ve grown a really tight knit community filled with hundreds of entrepreneurs who show up for every video and are begging me to release a course already! I think about her every time I hit record, I can’t thank Casey enough!
— Tepsi Thendo Tshiko - Copywriter for Soulful Entrepreneurs
Love I'm here to tell you that,

The truth is you’re capable of a hell-of-a-lot and the things you’re creating have a stellar spark of brilliance. You’ve put amazing content out there - your heart-filled work. Yet, aside from your mom and your best friend, no one’s taking notice and you’re starting to doubt whether you have the “IT-FACTOR” to make it big.


If you’re an soulful entrepreneur offering a service, or if you’re a creative who writes or makes art - I know YOU can make it big. 

You just need to come out from behind the curtain so everyone else can see your


I’m Casey Erin Wood, and I’m here to help you be seen!

As a coach, mentor, and expert in video creation, my calling is to help you uncover your authentic brilliance so you can stop playing small and show up and shine.

I know how to help heart-centered women get more VULNERABLE and VISIBLE because I was once exactly where you’re standing (terrified of being captured on film, terrified of putting myself out in the world). I was the one who’d run for cover whenever someone pointed their camera in my direction. I found safety behind the lens and by telling stories—so it makes complete sense that I went to film school, loved it, and graduated with honours.

I worked in the film industry for 10 years (and rocked it) before I dove into energy healing, yoga, coaching and my first love, writing.

As I got deeper into my coaching practice I realized I couldn’t encourage my clients to get out of their comfort zones if I couldn’t do it for myself first. So I said fuck it and stepped in front of the camera. Out of all the ways I’d tried to create deeper connections with my community, build my coaching practice and fill my programs and annual retreat, video drew people to me like nothing else.  

The day I decided to finally share my story and show my face on video was the exact day I started to create real, honest, and meaningful connections with new friends, clients and the brilliant women in my community.

What makes Casey’s Authentically Brilliant Videos so refreshing is that she demonstrates connection right from the get-go. She’s a natural at drawing listeners in and breaking steps into easy action. After creating over 25 videos this year, Casey’s trainings have given me more confidence in using video to connect with my audience. I felt supported and empowered the entire time. And you will too!
— Heather Allen, Author and Business Consultant to Artists
When it comes to complete video creation courses, there is simply nothing else that comes close to the perfect combination of ‘heart and smarts’ that Casey Erin Wood’s class, Create Authentically Brilliant Videos offers.
— Shelley Cohen, Founder | Editor-in-Chief | Life & Style Coach

When I hit publish everyone was in my inbox, I got requests for partnerships, and I got an influx of new business!




People wanna cut through all the promotional noise, clutter and crap out there and get to know YOU. They wanna hear your story!



When you enroll

You’ll join other women who are busy building engaged communities, stepping out from behind the laptop, and stepping into their power so they can make deep connections and (actual) money doing what they love.

With CABV you’ll get a toolbox full of more than just the ins and outs of shooting, editing, and producing kick-ass professional looking videos.

I’ll also teach you how to be the best YOU in front of the camera so your brilliance can shine through to your audience. (This is the part that other video programs miss.)

When the show’s over and the credits are rolling you won’t believe how far you’ve come!



  • Have a shit-ton of confidence so you can put yourself out there
  • Be making soul stirring and informative videos. The result? Authentic connections with your audience/tribe
  • Bust through the fear of being seen and heard, to claim your spot and become the leader you were born to be!
  • Be the lady with all the new video skills—you’ll (finally!) know how to make and edit beautiful, professional looking videos! (I know you can’t wait!)
  • Become an epic storyteller who loves sharing her story with an understanding of how it connects you to your true voice
  • Transform into a powerful, confident speaker and communicator. (The kinda woman who’ll step up to the mic any time - no problem!)

Creating (great) videos is the key to deepening your connections, upping your industry credibility, getting yourself booked solid and setting yourself up for the life of your dreams.


It’s time to commit to hitting record!

Take part in CABV so you can propel yourself full speed ahead and get:

  • Amazing insights and a brand new outlook when you step up, share your message, and do the work to put yourself out there.
  • Feedback and interaction with a community of beautifully-brilliant women who can give you inspiration and support!
  • Training videos, so you can follow along with a step-by-step guide with me right by your side (on video, of course!)
  • The Brilliance Blast: Freaking awesome PDFs, audios, and videos—so no matter how you learn—I’ve got you covered every step of the way!
  • Unlimited access to all the course content and any future updates for our exclusive course.
Casey Erin Wood is amazing! I was totally scared of video and it held me back from growing my business. I just convinced myself I could get away without it - rather than facing my fears. When I met Casey I knew I could trust her immediately. She helped me to see that it wasn’t complicated and that I just needed to be myself. Since that first foray into film I’ve been making videos for my tribe on a regular basis. I’m on a roll - thanks to you!!
— Nadia Finer, Micro Business Coach

The Power-Packed Lessons:



When we’re done with this module you’ll be able to craft your big idea into a clear and compelling message.



In this module you’ll learn to craft your message in such an impactful way that it’ll immediately hook your ideal client and engage them on a regular basis!



This class is all about planning — as a consummate Virgo, I do so love a good plan!  We’ll cover everything from equipment to how to select your camera angles.



Let’s get the real YOU in front of the camera.  I'll lead you through creating your own Authentic Expression Ritual, designed to connect you to your heart and your tribe (plus my best hair & makeup tips to help you shine on camera).



It’s time to shoot!  In this module you’ll learn how to shoot in a way that not only captures great images and sound, but makes editing a breeze.



It’s time to create visual magic! Put your video clips in order, add some titles, insert a graphic or two, tweak a few details and let it flow. (Don’t be intimidated — I’ll share all my tips and tricks, I make it easy + fun!)



Now it’s time to get your brilliant video out there and in front of people so you can connect! Learn how to market and magnetize your video in ways that feel authentic and purposeful (instead of awkward and forced) .

AND this...
JHR - gold square.png

Every so often I host something called the Just Hit Record Challenge.

If you've been a part of it, you know how powerful it is to shoot completely off the cuff,  no-worries-about-the-tech videos of yourself and to share them with other women exploring their vulnerability and visibility in a safe, private space.

Which is why I've included Just Hit Record prompts at the end of each of the lessons in the program which you’ll post in our incredibly supportive Ruby Slipper Facebook Group. These prompts will get you flexing your courage muscle as you share your progress along the way (and you’ll begin to experience the incredible connection that exists when you put your real, true self out there).

When I signed up for Create Authentically Brilliant Videos I had zero experience making videos, but I was ready to stop the “playing small” mindset and learn how to create them because I knew that they would propel my business to another level. I had been struggling with self esteem issues and now that I have this arsenal of tools behind me and the how-to spelled out for me it’s given me the confidence to finally move forward. If you are thinking about taking this course let me tell you the value for the $$ is well worth it, Casey knows her stuff!
— Julie Abrell, Artist/Life Coach

Remember, you’ll jump from video shy to shooting like a pro in just a few weeks with the CABV course components. We cover everything from working that courage muscle to editing, shooting and hitting publish. And I’m meeting you wherever you are—whether you’ve never considered creating videos or have tried to shoot MANY of them (and can’t get the lighting—or traction—you’re looking for).  


Half of the people that VISIT your Work-With-Me page ready to sign-up WON’T!



Because they don’t know what you’re really like and they’re scared to commit. That’s why you need to shoot videos—and you need to shoot them right!

I actually have a film industry background (I went to film school, worked as a camera assistant, ran a massive camera dept. and to top it off I’m married to a cinematographer) but I know not everyone’s a techie —so I break it down, make it simple, and show you how to connect with your tribe on a much deeper level!

Other programs might show you some of the tech tips, but nothing else out there combines that in-depth technical know-how with visibility coaching and straight up love!

We’ll work together to dive deep into your brilliance to make the most compelling, soul-stirring videos you could ever imagine. And to top it off, you’re gonna have the cleanest, crispiest, and coolest vids on the internet.



Grab your smart phone and hit record if:

  • You’re an ambitious, big-hearted creative or mission-driven entrepreneur
  • You value fun, and love to laugh, and won’t have a fit if I drop an F bomb here or there! - Cause that's gonna happen.
  • You know it’s time to invest in yourself and make a move to the next level
  • You’re ready to bust through fear and stand up to let the world see you (even though it's a little terrifying)
  • You know videos are a key way to connect with your audience, mentors and peeps; and
  • You are ready to put in the time to learn how to make kick ass professional videos

Hit pause and put the phone down if:

  • You are obsessed with getting things perfect and aren’t willing to ask your inner perfectionist to sit her butt down—it’s about connection, not perfection
  • You refuse to open up your heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable
  • You’re not willing to get familiar with the technology and play with the tools
  • You’re looking for someone to do it all for you - this program is all about empowering you to take video into your own hands!
  • You don’t think videos are an important way to connect with your audience
  • You’re not ready to put in the work to share your shine online!

Wanna know something spectacular? You get all this amazing value for only one payment of $397.


What’s all This Worth?

Yeah, I know, it’s unexpected! Hiring a private video production company to create professional-looking videos (something I’m gonna teach you how to do yourself) can cost thousands of dollars. (And, if you don’t know how to show-up with courage, confidence and vulnerability, they’re going to come across as stiff and icky anyway.)

When you sign up for CABV you’re gonna learn how to create your own professional videos just bursting with all the Authentic Brilliance you have to offer.


And... you've got options, THREE of them actually.


Lights! Camera! Action! is the baby sister of Create Authentically Brilliant Videos.

This mini-program is the ENTIRE tech  module from CABV (plus some fantabulous bonuses!). If you're ready to get started like YESTERDAY, this course answers all those technical questions that take over your brain every time you think about shooting videos.

Best news? You can apply this payment to CABV when you upgrade!


This is my most popular signature program, where I walk you through how to create professional, kick-ass videos while showing up as your Authentically Brilliant self.  

You get:

Coaching on how to get vulnerable, get visible and create videos that people LOVE to watch

Step-by-step training videos that walk you through all the technical pieces of video production AND how to show up as your most authentic, grounded self

The Brilliance Blast: Freaking awesome PDFs, audios, and videos—so no matter how you learn—I’ve got you covered every step of the way!

Unlimited access to all the course content and any future updates for our exclusive course


In this package you get the ENTIRE Create Authentically Brilliant Videos program PLUS two private, one on one, Story Sessions with Casey, where I’ll ask the excavating questions you need to unearth and develop your story. The one you need to be telling; the one that’s going to connect you with your tribe.  

(Limited to two people per month.)


No Worries, No Risks for the First 4 Weeks!

With any of the CABV options your happiness is guaranteed. If you’re unhappy within the first four weeks, you can get a full refund. (Yup, you heard that right!)

Why you, why now?

You already know you can’t just learn this stuff on your own. Maybe you’ve tried googling “how to make a YouTube video” and you almost drowned in the 1.5 billion results that came flooding back at you like a tsunami.

Maybe you’ve got a bunch of gizmos but don’t know what goes with what. Maybe you’re still trying to figure out if you need to buy a camera or if your smartphone will do! (Answer: it will!)

I’m invested in You!

Consider me your business bestie ‘cause in CABV I’m sharing THE EXACT steps I take to plan, film, and edit my own Authentically Brilliant videos. I don’t hold anything back because I’m committed to your success and I want your business to grow the way mine has! And, when you join the Facebook group, you get my real-time insights and advice.

Happiness Guarantee

If you work through CABV and you’re not satisfied, you can send the exercises you’ve done and I’ll be happy to refund 100% of your investment within 30 days.


So what’s next?

Well, as soon as you click I’m In! Sign Me Up you’ll be taken to a registration page where you can complete your purchase safely and securely.  As soon as that’s done, you’ll be immediately forwarded to the course—you’ll be all set to get this ‘production party’ started—all access, no waiting!


You know What Needs to Happen.

You can keep muddling along wasting your valuable time trying to piece together videos, or you can enroll in CABV now and be cranking out top of the line videos that grab your clients in your first few sentences and keep them engaged and hungry for more. You KNOW you want to build a platform and get more visible. So the question isn’t are you ready? (you are!) or do you want these results? (you do!).

The question is are you ready to (finally!) take the steps you need to become the leader you want to be.



I don’t have a fancy camera, will I still be able to participate in CABV?

Today’s your lucky day because the smartphone is the film industry’s best kept secret. Smart phones dating back as far as 5-6 years have amazing video quality and I’ll walk you through exactly how to capture the best footage using yours. (Personally I use an iPhone and Mac products but all the information you learn is totally transferrable to other software and smartphones!)


Will I have to invest in a whole bunch of fancy tech tools or software to keep up?

  1. Camera (a smartphone fits the bill!)
  2. Tripod (I love my GorillaPod, but you can also prop your phone against a book)
  3. Editing software (my go-to editing software is iMovie)


How is CABV different from other video or visibility courses?

This program covers the equipment and technical basics (keeping it simple!), but there’s a big chunk of it that’s focused on YOU and the journey of self-discovery you’ll embark on in doing this work. The course addresses—and helps your work though—the fears that hold you back, developing an authentic presence when you speak, shining your Authentic Brilliance through your videos, and accessing your true voice so you can tap into your own magic and then sprinkle it around the world.


How Is This Course Structured? When Will I get Access to the Lessons?

The course is hosted in my Ruby Slipper School of Magic and all of the jam-packed modules are available right away, so you can move through it at a pace that's right for you. And, not to worry, it's also beautifully structured and laid out so you never feel overwhelmed or left behind!


My schedule is super booked, how much time will I need to set aside to get good results with CABV?

Everyone moves at different pace so it’s hard to give you one concrete answer. But I would say you should set aside 1-2 hours per lesson and to get the most out of the course. I recommend scheduling those blocks of time right into your calendar.


I’ve tried a bunch of other programs that didn’t work. I’m just not sure I should plunk down the cash for this now.

If you’re here then you need to have trust. I believe that "the universe is speaking to us and that we should listen.” Simply trust what your heart is telling you, feel that excitement, go with that, and you’ll know what to do!

This course will definitely cover the equipment and technical basics. But, I also dive into the "softer" side. I’m an intuitive healer so we’ll go deep into the fears that hold us back so that together we can create visual magic, develop an authentic presence when speaking, and learn to access our true voice.


What happens when I pay? AND when does CABV start?

As soon as you register, you’ll get immediate access to all the lessons, so you can start right away!


What if I’m not happy, can I get a refund?

Your happiness is guaranteed. If at any time in the first four weeks you aren’t fully satisfied with your experience, you can get a full refund.

I wanna be sure that you’ve got all the info you need to make this decision. So love, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I know how much your work means to you and I want you to feel confident in making this decision. Find me at: casey@caseyerinwood.com