Videos that are easy to make, easy to edit, easy to get out into the world and,

most importantly, filled with all the juiciness of YOU!


I know it can feel overwhelming.  All the time and equipment and tech stuff and actually getting yourself in front of the camera (agh!).

But after graduating from film school and spending 10 years in the film industry, I’ve got this whole video-making thing down.

And I can’t wait to share it all with you!


And, I wanted to make it super easy to get started!  So I've designed a simple, straightforward and incredibly fun program to get you out of overwhelm and out in front of the camera.


welcome to create authentically brilliant videos


Each module in Create Authentically Brilliant Videos is focused on one key element of the video creation process, the entire path to creating your own videos will be laid out for you -- and I'll be there every step of the way!



Here's what you're going to learn...


Module #1 - What's The Big Idea?

In this first module, I’ll lead you through various exercises designed to clarify the big idea you want to share, focus on who you want to share it with and set the intention for your video.  You’ll walk away with a solid concept that’s ready to be crafted into a compelling message. 

Module #2 - Crafting Your Message

In this module, we’ll take your big idea and nugget it down into a compelling message that weaves in all the juiciness of you. You’ll learn how to communicate with your tribe in an authentic, impactful way so once they watch your video they’re engaged and ready to take action: whether that’s signing up for your newsletter, buying your product or reaching out to learn more about you and your ideas. 

Module #3 - Essentials of Pre-Production

This module is all about planning -- and as a consummate Virgo, I do so love a good plan!  Now that you have your message ready, it’s time get uber clear about the essentials you need in place to shoot an awesome video, as well as organize it.  We will cover the equipment you need; how to select a great location; how to schedule your shoot day; as well as basic camera angle and storyboarding ideas.  When you take the time to plan properly it makes the rest of the process so much easier… and more fun

Module #4 - Show Up & Shine

This module is designed to get the real YOU in front of the camera.  I’ll walk you through creating a pre-shooting ritual that will have you feeling connected to your heart and your tribe, so you can shift your nervousness into excitement and use that energy to fuel you -- leaving you feeling radiant and magnetic.  Plus I’ll be sharing my favourite hair, makeup and wardrobe tips, so you show up & shine as your “best” self on the inside and out! 

Module #5 - Lights, Camera, Action

Now that you’ve got a shooting plan in place and have prepped yourself -- it’s time to shoot!  In this module you’ll learn how to shoot in a way that not only captures great images and sound, but makes editing a breeze.   I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks of easy peasy lighting, simple camera angles and framing and ways to ensure you get great sound (which in my opinion, is THE most overlooked and important thing in most videos).  

Module #6 - Editing 101

Time to put it all together and create some visual magic!  This is where all of the planning and preparation we talked through in the earlier classes really pays off.  You have all of the elements shot and in place -- now all you need to do is put them in order, add titles, maybe a graphic or two, tweak a few details and let it flow! 

Module #7 - Share Your Brilliance

You have a brilliant new video and now it’s time get it out there and in front of the people you want to connect with!  In this module we’ll go through how and where to market and share your video in ways that feel authentic and aligned with you and your message.  We’ll also talk about working through any lingering fears and doubts about putting yourself out there and have you sharing in a way that feels expansive and fun!  


Here's the thing...


I come across so many creative entrepreneurs who would love to create videos for their businesses but get overwhelmed by logistics, technology and the fear of putting themselves out there.

I want you to feel empowered to connect with your tribe in a deeper, more authentic, heart-centered way.  


So come join me and discover how easy it is to

Create Authentically Brilliant Videos!



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A Little About Me:

Before committing my life to supporting creative entrepreneurs in owning their brilliance and creating bold, luscious lives and businesses, my first love was movies. I graduated from film school in 1995, spent many years working as a camera assistant, and ran a camera rental department in two major cities. Today, my husband and I own a camera rental company of our own. Now, I am thrilled to combine my expertise in visual magic with my unique approach to accessing your authentic brilliance and true voice to show you how to Create Authentically Brilliant Videos.