Hello Heart-Centered Hustler,

So happy you made it over to my little corner of the inter-webs! Below are some of the resources and links to the articles that Adria and I talked about during the podcast:

:: You'll find the article I wrote about how I "dance with visibility" right over here.

:: This one will tell you more about Authentic Brilliance.

:: And since Adria was asking for suggestions on where to start incorporating video into her biz, I thought you might like this one.

Finally, here are two of my fav (and free) courses that I think you're gonna love...

Learn how to design your own personalized Morning Ritual and start your day from a place of clarity, confidence and connection.  

Discover how beginning each day with this powerful jump start supports you in creating a life (+biz) fueled by your passions, sourced from your brilliance and that feels totally like YOU!

Being visible helps you create connections, fill your programs, and create time and money freedom!

Learn more about this free training series and find out how you can create videos that are: 
Easy to make, Easy to Edit & Easy to Share!