My favorite module from Create Authentically Brilliant Videos + 3 juicy bonuses = Lights! Camera! Action (all for only $97!)


You know those nagging technical questions that take over your brain every time you think about shooting videos for business?



  • How do I light this thing (so you can actually see my face)?
  • How  do I make this look professional (so people actually take me seriously)?)
  • What do I need to do to get great sound (cause I sound like I’m a million miles away)?
  • What can I do while I’m shooting to make editing my videos a breeze (so I don’t spend 4 hours editing a 10 minute video)?

Not only are they distracting and overwhelming, but they take you away from the real focus of your video: Introducing your community to your most authentically brilliant self.

So I created this concentrated mini-course to answer them.


In Lights! Camera! Action! I’m teaching you the technical skills you need to be able to:

  • Light your videos so your audience can focus on you and your message
  • Frame, angle and compose your shots so you can subtly enhance the emotional connection you’re making with your tribe
  • Get great sound from each take so people focus less on finding their volume buttons and more on what you’re saying
  • Do a few handy things while you’re shooting that’ll make editing so much easier (‘cause who doesn’t love some time back in their day?)

I’m also packing in my three juiciest bonuses:

  • My Ultimate Shoot Day Checklist (a fan favorite!)
  • Bonus How To Videos (like how to change that irritating default picture that Facebook decides to use as the still shot for your video--it’s like they look for the worst possible one!)
  • My 5 Steps to Creating Authentically Brilliant Videos Playbook & Resource Guide

In just under an hour, you’ll learn how to shoot professional-looking videos for your business in a way that not only captures great images and sound, but makes editing a breeze.


Lights! Camera! Action! is the baby sister of Create Authentically Brilliant Videos, a seven week course that walks you through my step-by-step process for making videos that build authentic connections and insanely engaged online tribes.

With CABV, you get a toolbox full of more than just the ins and outs of shooting, editing, and producing kickass professional looking videos. I also teach you how to be the best YOU in front of the camera so your brilliance can shine through to your audience.


But in talking to my community, I found that some creative entrepreneurs just needed their...

most technical pressing questions answered like, NOW!

So I pulled this super popular, super hands-on module right out of the full course.


What You’ll Get Today:

Quick, easy lessons on how to create professional looking videos (with your phone and easy peasy software!)

Technical How To Videos  on lighting, framing, composing and shooting your videos

Step-by-step instructions on how to shoot your videos in a way that makes editing a breeze (I swear it’s possible)

The opportunity to take Create Authentically Brilliant Videos—my full video program—for a test drive


Best part? If you decide to take Create Authentically Brilliant Videos, the $97 you’ve paid for Lights! Camera! Action! will go towards the full course (how awesome is that?!).

Here’s my promise: Creating videos for your business that look professional and feel like YOU will grow that email list, help you call in more beautifully aligned clients and significantly raise the visibility of both you and your biz (because who doesn’t love to share awesome videos?).


If those nagging technical questions have been stopping you, ready to get ‘em answered so you can PRESS PLAY!

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