When it comes to getting your work out into the world, here’s one thing that I know for sure:

Buying another course, downloading another e-book, or joining in another Facebook group isn’t giving you the results you’re craving.

(Like a steady stream of clients, an inbox full of collaborators, the growth of your platform, and work that brings you JOY instead of overwhelm and frustration.)

And while it seems like everyone else around you is getting massive results, you just can’t help but feel a bit lonely, isolated, uninspired, and paralyzed with where you are right now.

What’s a highly intuitive creative to do?

Do you run a webinar? Offer your art or service at a steep discount? Blog 7 days a week?

(p.s. The answer is no.)

How can you actually start making sustainable growth while also feeling BRILLIANT in your work, instead of doing the things that make you feel uninspired?

I’ve got the answer, but first:


Do you remember the last time you had a lightning burst of inspiration and made. shit. happen?


→ Everything flowed from your pen (or fingers) directly onto the page without you having to set a timer or sit and do a Pomodoro method or promise yourself a reward if you finished just. this. one. task.

→ You received amazing feedback from your peers about your idea, and people were lit up in anticipation of your brilliant idea.

→ You just felt so clear, as if you couldn’t believe you hadn’t thought of this idea sooner.

→ You may even think back to that time with nostalgia, saying “I wish I could harness some of that energy and infuse it into what I’m creating right now.”

If you’re in a place where you feel like you’re investing in your work, but not actually GETTING anywhere, I want you to know that you’re not the only one, sister.

Even the most successful women I know get bogged down by the clutter (digital or emotional) and can’t make progress; nor embody the woman, creator, or business owner that they’re meant to be.

However, there’s one thing you need to know about yourself and about this stage in your life...



Everything you need to know, everything that’s going to lead you to your success is already inside of you.

You just need help accessing it.


A five-day, four-night luxury retreat experience for you, a creative, heart-centered woman, who craves real connection, honest conversation, and who is ready for transformational changes in your business...and your life.

So many transformative shifts came from working with Casey, but the most surprising thing was how quickly they all came about and how clearly I can see the possibilities now. She understood and embraced my “why” and kept me on course toward that vision.

Before working with Casey, starting a business doing the things I loved seemed out of my grasp because I had no clue where to begin and I felt I had no one to support me (not even myself). Now, I feel clear and complete. She did for me everything she said she would (I was skeptical) and more. I am amazed by her.
— Julie Abrell, Artist, Life Coach



REVIVIFY is a five-day, four-night luxury retreat on the shores of beautiful Lake Muskoka.

Just long enough for you to have major life shifts and get real, honest, and vulnerable with the 7 other women you’ll be meeting. Just short enough where you’ll be so efficient, you won’t know how it took you MONTHS to get your last tiny project done.

The goal? To make you take ACTION on all those things that have been “on the back burner” for months (or years!) and to actually get you to implement your brilliance and infuse your projects and services with the new life that they’re currently lacking.

The retreat looks like this:

Thursday, September 29th

•Arrival at the Toronto airport (YYZ) between 2pm - 4pm (approx.)

•Shuttle to retreat center

•Unpacking, chatting with your roommate, down time

•Cocktail party and dinner

•Magical evening activity

•Bed (way earlier than you’re getting to bed now)

Friday, September 30th - Sunday, October 2nd

•Morning yoga

•Coffee, tea, breakfast. Slowly.

Morning session: Transformational teaching and French salon-style discussion. (This is when the magic happens.)

•Lunch (think delicious, healthy, hearty)

Afternoon session: Highly focused, individual transformational coaching (group-style, so that we can get perspectives from all angles)

•Down time to let it all marinate (and let your brilliance come through)

•Cocktails and dinner (plus, a treat-laden, heart-opening finale celebration on Sunday)

•Magical evening activity

Monday, October 3rd

•Coffee, tea, breakfast. (Again, slowly)

•Reintegration into the “real world” exercise

•Shuttle back to the Toronto airport

Not mentioned: Transformational life shifts, life-altering coaching and facilitation to encourage you to uncover what’s holding you back and how to move forward, and a sisterhood of women with whom you’ll share every single tiny detail of the experience...and beyond (you’ll remain friends for a long time, guaranteed.)

Plus, I’m bringing my business BFF Alex Honeysett (who just happens to be a marketing + brand strategist/goddess) and she will be with us throughout the retreat, providing real feedback on how to use your skills (the ones we uncover together!) strategically for your work.


You should know:

There are only 6 spots in this retreat. Which means that it will be so intimate, so magical, so transformative that you won’t know how you operated your business before you came to REVIVIFY.

But they are also going to go quickly. And I’d love for you to be there.

And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get these AMAZING bonuses:

→A one-on-one phone call with me before the retreat to welcome you, get to know your goals, and answer any questions you have.

→A tailored-to-you summary of your BRILLIANCE that me and my girl Alex Honeysett, a marketing strategist and digital badass, will compile after the retreat is over.

Because wouldn’t it be nice to have a 360 degree perspective on the skills you ACTUALLY bring to the table that are so unique, you may not even notice them yourself?

→A 1:1 visibility raising strategy call with Alex to discuss the different ways you can begin to promote yourself and your revivified business/offering/creative work. After the call, Alex will craft a personalized visibility raising strategy plan for you that you can reference for months to come.  Because taking ACTION is the most important part of this retreat and we want to break down ALL the hurdles we possibly can to help you take that action.

→Goodies, surprises, and treats on-site (can’t reveal everything yet...but sign up if you want to know what’s in store!)

Casey has powerful experience that she shares softly. Her wisdom guides and transforms. I want someone that listens intently and Casey has massive listening skills, but what really sets her apart is her ability to allow me my space to be me and at the same time show me what is tripping me up with no bullshit and with compassion.
— Sara Alvarado, Business Warrior, Writer, Speaker/Teacher, Lover

Last fall, I felt the exact same way you do.


I needed a burst of inspiration to help deliver my brand new book into the world. But the words weren’t coming and I kept staring at my screen, waiting for sentences to fly out of my fingers.

On a whim, I flew across the country (and down a few states) to a retreat in Carmel, California to seek some inspiration and advice on how to outline and write my first book.

What I didn’t bargain for was the amount of space and time I had away from my daily grind, to actually let out my own brilliance.

It was magical.

When I came home, I felt like I had been transformed.  

I nailed down the vision my for book and actually started writing it, instead of staring at the blinking cursor and checking my email for the 900th time.

I got CRYSTAL clear on my ideal client. You know, the one that lights me up and makes me want to sing their praises from the rooftop.

Getting those clients became easier, I stopped doing the admin and marketing tasks that I thought I was “supposed” to do, and my work literally felt like it was brand new again.

And I was more myself than I had ever been.

Again: magical.

Plus, the women that I met became a second family to me. They helped me in so many ways, whether it was simply listening when I needed to be heard, or campaigning for me to their peers, or texting me to tell me “keep going” and “you’re almost there”.

Even now, they still remind me of my own brilliance when I (temporarily) forget. And we still connect every day. How many people can you say that about in your life?

Which is why this retreat won’t be a scheduled summer-camp of activities.

You can expect lots of luxurious time to sit down long enough to let yourself think without boundaries, either alone or with a small squad of women who have your back.

Lots of people who are cheering for you, who are beating back your inner critic, and who genuinely want you to succeed.

Think being your own CEO is lonely and terrifying? You’ll get to take advantage of seven other smart, successful brains who get your work and will tell you the honest truth about your ideas and your creative pursuits.


What’s it like to work with me anyway?

Casey is a goddess-send. I went through a time where I wasn’t feeling nourished by most of my relationships, felt like the ear in the jar, like I was listening to people ad nauseam, and not getting anything in return except for a tired ear and a headache.

My heart said a prayer for more nourishing relationships and clarity for my own work in the world and I knew when Casey turned her wisdom/light/care on me, that I was seeing, in human form, exactly whom I was asking for.
— Jenn Sutkowski, Author and Columnist
Casey gets it. She is genuinely invested in your success. She will get you out of your own way, so you can shine your brilliant light. She will make sure you take the time to enjoy the process and celebrate yourself along the way!

I’m so grateful to have her as my coach.
— Stepha LaFond Transformational Coach, Speaker, Lover of Life
Casey has been my coach for the last few years, and from our very first session I seriously knew she was going to change my life. Casey is a master at creating a safe, warm, nurturing space.

In our work together, she helped me uncover some of my hardest blocks and then guided me towards taking action around each one, which has been such an empowering, nourishing process. I’ve felt really heard for the first time, and through our work together have finally found clarity around what was making me feel so stuck and frustrated and chaotic.
— Alex Honeysett, Marketing and Brand Strategist
Casey has taught me how to live as my authentic self, not only because of the conversations we’ve had, but also because of how she lives her life. She models Authentic Brilliance at every turn, and in getting to develop a deep relationship with her, she has inspired me to continue to live as my Authentic Self every day, too. As a result, I feel more fulfilled and joyful in my life!
— Nic Strack, Blogger, Host of Perspective Perspoctive, Coach

When you come to Revivify, you’ll finally be able to silence the inner critic.

You know, the one who keeps you playing small and prevents you from stepping into your brilliance.


And you’ll have a circle of women to help you do it. Because loneliness sucks.

→ Discover your unique talents, your unique voice, and your unique strengths (and how you’re NOT using them)

→ Decide what you really want to do with your work, and get help figuring out what you DON’T have to do anymore (just as important)

→ Figure out how to leverage these talents into more clients, customers, and collaborators

→ Train yourself (with the help of seven other women) to feel confident in your offerings and your strengths, instead of nagged by that self-doubt that always seems to creep into your projects

→ Use your voice. Loudly and proudly. Over and over again. Once you speak the scary things in safety (like your true desires or your deeply rooted fears), it becomes less scary to say them in public.

→ Find a mentor. Or a friend. Or both. Definitely both.

→ Become transformed. More yourself. Less like the “old” you, and more the “brilliant-creative” you.




Probably. But more specifically, it is if you:

→Are a female creative who has hit a plateau and needs...more

→Don’t have community, or at least not the right one

→Don’t believe you’ve got “it” to be successful (you do, but that’s beside the point)

→Wish you could get as excited about your current project as you were when you first started your business

→Are ready to get real, and push through discomfort to get to the other side of fear

→Need more time. More space. More...everything.

→Want less negativity. Less fear. Less throwing your hands up in frustration.

→Are committed to your work, to the point that you know it’s worth investing in



What’s included?

Beyond everything mentioned above, you’ll get:

→Airport shuttles to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport

→Four nights luxury accommodations in Muskoka, the heart of Ontario’s “cottage country”

→All breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (and snacks!) from Thursday when you land to Monday when you leave (I love food, especially when other people make it for me—so just know we are going to be delighted with deliciousness)

→Wine. Cocktails. Probably more wine (and beer if you want some of that too)

→Goodies, treats, and surprises both before and during our time together

What should I pack?

I want you to be as comfortable as possible, so feel free to stay comfy for this long weekend. Yoga pants, fluffy socks, soft sweaters, cozy jackets...it’s all good. However, we will have one dress up night where you’ll be able to wear something comfortable and that makes you feel confident and beautiful (great jeans and your favourite shirt or a dress if you like).

(Yes, you can bring makeup and your straightener! I know feeling beautiful makes me feel confident, so no judgements here.)

The weather may be warm this time of year, so plan to pack both cozy clothes and summery clothes.

You’ll need to bring sneakers or running shoes as we’ll be outside walking around in the woods sometimes (no hiking boots, though).

What is required for this retreat?

A passport (no, seriously, if you’re coming from outside Canada you’ll need one). And the willingness to open yourself up to massive change. Other than that, just you and your business or creative idea.

Where will we be staying?

We'll be staying in gorgeous Muskoka, located in the heart of Ontario, in the middle of spectacular cottage country. Our retreat centre is part gorgeous house, part woodland haven, part magical centre of transformation. I want you all to feel like you’re coming home, which is why I intentionally chose this place, and am intentionally keeping it small.

It will be private (just us!) and calming and nourishing. Seriously, check out the pictures below to get more of a feel for the space.

What are accommodations like?

Rooms will have two single beds, and will be shared. I will be assigning people to room together based on personalities (and some intuitive magic), and this will be decided after I have my individual calls with you (I'm really good at figuring out how different people mesh together, so trust me when I say it will all be “as is should”).

As an introvert I get that this part can feel a little wobbly, but believe me when I say that there is synchronicity and magic at play here. #trustsurrenderleap

But of course if you still have any questions or concerns about this, send me an email at casey@caseyerinwood.com! I'm more than happy to talk about it with you.  

How does payment work?

If you pay in full, the cost for your ticket is $2,850. When you click the “I’m in!” button to get your ticket, you’ll be directed to a page that gives you the option of paying the full $2,850 OR securing your spot with a deposit of $750 and paying by installments (more on that below). 

Are there payment plans?


If you need to do a payment plan, we will break it up into four payments of $750 dollars. A non-refundable, initial deposit of $750 is required to hold your spot. After that, the subsequent three payments will be billed every 15 days.

If you have questions about any of this, please email me at casey@caseyerinwood.com.

Are these prices Canadian or American?

American. Thanks for asking!

Is my ticket refundable?

Because of the nature of this retreat, an initial fee of $750 is non-refundable. I want you to commit to yourself and to this experience, and paying the initial non-refundable deposit, knowing that you can’t take it back, is the best way to do that.

If you choose to pay the entire amount upfront and you cancel 60 days before, you'll get your money back, less a $750 deposit.

If you choose to pay via a payment plan and cancel 60 days before, I will refund any payments less the initial $750 deposit.

If you choose either plan and cancel less than 60 days before, I won’t be able to refund any past payments. This is because I’m getting everything personalized, and I want to invest in you just as much as you invested in me.