Everything you need to know, everything that's going to lead you to your success is already inside of you.


You just need help accessing it.

A five-day, four-night luxury retreat experience for you, a creative, heart-centered woman, who craves real connection, honest conversation, and who is ready for transformational changes in your work... and your life.


Here's what one woman had to say about her recent experience at Revivify:

Revivify aka you and Alex, have changed my life. Big statement - but so, so, much truth, love, gratitude...all the feels...are behind it. My intention was connection and clarity....Oh lady...did I get that and so much more!!!

I loved you before, but I love you even more now.

Seriously, I want to cry (actually I have tears in my eyes) - you have my heart, my gratitude, my everything!!! LOL sounds like a sappy love letter....but it’s true.




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