3 Month Brilliance Immersion

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3 Month Brilliance Immersion

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Hello love,

Thank you for your interest in private coaching with me, I am honoured that you would consider allowing me to support you on your journey. Unfortunately my client rooster is currently full and I am no longer accepting any additional clients at this time.  When I accept a new client, we enter into a partnership together, a commitment to one another -- my clients receive my full energetic support and as such, I only offer this service to a handful of clients at any given time.  

If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for when an opening becomes available, please fill out the form on this page.



The Magic

The 3 Month Brilliance Immersion is a transformational healing experience designed to develop your intuitive skills so you can create a new, more genuine foundation for your life and business -- all sourced from your Authentic Brilliance.

If you’re feeling stuck -- stuck in overwhelm, stuck in fear, stuck in a situation you can’t find your way out of -- this program is designed for you.

When you commit to to the Brilliance Immersion, we become a partnership. Together, we will tap into your feminine power, repattern disempowering thoughts and the energetic structures that keep them in place and heal the areas of your life that are keeping you feeling numbed out, exhausted and disconnected from yourself.

Our sessions will focus on opening up the flow of energy in your life, developing your unique feminine practice and using my favorite tools and resources to help you make the most authentic choices for your business, your community and your relationship with yourself.

My Invitation

     ~ Three Month Transformational Immersion

     ~ Two 60 minute Sessions per Month

     ~ A Private Facebook Group for Two, just me & you and a whole lot of love

     ~ My Full Energetic Support for You, Your Intentions and Your Vision

Your Commitment

An open heart, the willingness to fully commit to yourself and the deep desire to create a business and life that serves your tribe, creates vibrant abundance and nourishes you on every level.