You’re ready to filter through all the online clutter, confusion, and stress - yup it can be a noisy + crowded place. It’s time to stand out, share your heart, and finally make money doing what you were born to do. 

This cozy (virtual) room is packed full of goodies to help you get started; dig right in!

You were born... To Shine. You were born... With Brilliance. You were born... To Give.


You’re a heart-centered creative who wants to unleash her brilliance, voice, and story!

And you’re in it because you know you have a gift you want to share. For you, making money should feel good, right, and divine! I help heart-centered creatives become visible, cultivate relationships, and create communities full of raving fans and clients. 

‘Cause when you’re visible you’ll have a sustainable business, experience time and money freedom, and finally be able to make the IMPACT you know you are meant to make in the world.

Here’s what I know about us.

YOU: You’re ready to magnetize and grow an authentic tribe. 
ME: I’m here to help you go deep, own your story, and unleash your voice. 

Let’s take you from invisible to stand-out-star today!

This is about me helping YOU shine so you can lean in and step

I’m Casey Erin Wood I’m a writer, speaker, and coach.

I help creatives just like you: 

  •   get crystal-fucking clear on their work (and life), 
  •   refine their message, and 
  •   finally unleash their: Brilliance, Voice, and Story 
I’m pretty much an open book - for years my life was a perpetual wrecking ball...

I’ve been through the wringer, from personal and emotional journeys to relationships and career shit and I’m still standing (happily).

I share my soul because I know that our most painful stories, the ones that never make it to the surface (you know the ones... they hide behind shame and are buried deep down in a locker with a lost key) are the ones that help us create authentic/genuine relationships with “followers", "fans", clients, and friends.

Curious to know a little more about me?  My manifesto comes straight from center of my heart, click here to take a peek.
I want to share with you everything I’ve learned,
so I've pulled my favorite goodies together for you to start...


Wanna get a feel for what it’s like to work with me? Check out these awesome gifts to kickstart your life and biz TODAY!

5 Steps to Creating Authentically Brilliant Videos

Being visible helps you create connections, fill your programs, and create time and money freedom!

Click here to see how you can create videos that are: 

  • Easy to make, 
  • Easy to Edit
  • & Easy to Share

Start Your Day + Revamp Your Life

Do you want to create a more meaningful life? A life filled with passion, freedom, and clarity? It all starts with your morning ritual!

Click here to join me on a journey toward self-discovery, enjoyment,and fulfillment by creating your OWN morning ritual!

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I’m a passionate person... I mean really, really passionate.

That’s why I’ve read or taken part in 17,000 books or self-development programs (When I go for something I go all in, can you tell?). Since you’re my kind of person I’m like 99.9% sure you’ll enjoy the books I loved along the way. I curated these titles just for you.


This isn’t just work, it’s an extension of my heart.

These are just a few of the people I’ve worked with and I know you’ll grow to love them too!

  •  Gail Larsen - Speaking Coach - her Transformational Speaking Immersion changed my life
  •  Alex Honeysett - My kick-ass launch partner, messaging magician, marketing & brand strategist, trusted friend, mentor, and coach - all rolled into one!
  •  Alexandra Franzen - Writing Muse & Fire Starter
  •  Hiro Boga - Mentor, Energy Alchemist, and Miracle-Maker
  • Linda Sivertsen - Author, Idea Fairy & Magical Goddess of Book Creation


I actually open (and read!) these - every. single. time.

I stop dead in my tracks and go racing to my laptop whenever these truth-slinging, fire-cracking, soul-stirring luminaries post new content. Why? Cause they’re chock full of inspiration, encouragement, and entertainment!

You’ve made it far, dear friend. So, I take it you’re lovin’
what you see?
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