Do you LOVE being a virtual right hand gal?
I mean, really love it? It’s your passion.
Supporting business behind the scenes is what lights you up.


If so, keep reading.

I’m hiring a virtual ass kicker. I’m great with putting out content and helping people, but I need the support behind the scenes to make sure that I’m consistent and that I follow through with the details.


Here’s who I’m looking for:

You’ll publish and schedule my bi-weekly newsletters, all I’ll need to do is write and you handle the rest

You’re awesome with webinar setup and can help me organize and schedule upcoming events

You can update things on a Squarespace site with ease

You’re an Infusionsoft maven and can set up funnels and other fun things that I probably don’t even know exist yet

Leadpages and you are tight buddies

When I say “I want to organize an In-person retreat” you jump in and start managing details and brainstorming ideas. Events are your jam

You have an eye for graphic design

You’re the person who finds typos in everything you read- kinda meticulous :)

You have basic copywriting skills

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are languages that you speak fluently

I’d love it if you could research for guest posts, speaking and podcasts

You’re an organizational wonder and can clean up my three Gmail addresses so they flow better

Bonus Points:  

You’re familiar with Asana and can add our goals and timelines in (and keep me on track)

You know Vimeo and can edit videos well

Creating memes is a fun pastime for you

You've "met Edgar" and you're excited to introduce me, cause you think he may just be the man of my dreams


Generally speaking, anyone who knows you, knows you to be honest, trustworthy, positive, upbeat and energetic.


A little about me:

I’m Casey Erin Wood. I’m an easy going but hard working writer, speaker, and coach. I merge my intuitive gifts with practical (get-shit-done) realism to help heart-centred women gain business (and life) clarity, so they can unleash their brilliance, voice and story.

My business is on the verge of exploding and my goal is to start small, building my team so that I can focus on what I’m great at. I’m looking for my new, shiny assistant to start with me for about 2 hours weekly and ideally expand with my business.


Is it you?


If so, email your resume to Subject: Your Sparkly New Assistant before January 25th

In the body of your email, please answer these questions:

  1. Your three favourite books and why?
  2. What are you doing when you aren’t working?
  3. Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
  4. What is your hourly rate?

Also please include three email addresses of business references that we can reach out to.

Applications missing any of these details will not be considered.


I can’t wait to “meet” you!