Are you ready to break through perfection paralysis, ignite your authentic brilliance


A bold, luscious life is a life lived in alignment with your deepest desires, allowing them to guide your actions and indulging in the joy the process provides.  A life filled with passion, filled with purpose.  

A life where you know who you are and aren't afraid to speak your truth and share your gifts with the world.  A life lived in deep connection with your intuition and unique essence.  A life of expansive freedom and ease, living in flow instead of struggling against the world.



Clarity Intensive


The Magic

The Clarity Intensive is a 360 degree lifescan where we come together to identify the areas in your life that present the trickiest stumbling blocks and the juiciest opportunities.  We will begin to clear through the energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from feeling the confidence and ease that comes from knowing who you really are and being connected to your deepest self.  Together we will craft your unique lifestyle plan, including the tools, resources and feminine practices that will serve YOU best in moving forward and in learning to access your inner knowing, the ultimate source of clarity and wisdom. 

After two weeks of implementation we will come back together in celebration and playful curiosity to honour your progress and fine tune any details of your plan.  

You will walk away with a completely-customized, perfectly-personalized, entirely-individualized, uniquely-you magic formula for connecting deeply with your inner wisdom, opening up the flow of energy and abundance in your life and creating true clarity.

My Invitation

  •   One 90 minute Design Session
  •   One 30 minute Follow Up Session (about 2 weeks later)

Your Commitment

A desire to know yourself more deeply and the willingness and curiosity to play and explore.

Clarity Intensive
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3 Month Brilliance Immersion


The Magic

The 3 Month Brilliance Immersion is a transformational healing experience designed to develop your intuitive skills so you can create a new, more genuine foundation for your life and work — all sourced from your Authentic Brilliance.

If you’re feeling stuck — stuck in overwhelm, stuck in fear, stuck in a situation you can’t find your way out of — this program is designed for you.

When you commit to to the Brilliance Immersion, we become a partnership. Together, we will tap into your feminine center, repattern disempowering thoughts and the energetic structures that keep them in place and heal the areas of your life that are keeping you feeling numbed out, exhausted and disconnected from yourself.

Our sessions will focus on opening up the flow of energy in your life, developing your unique feminine practices and using my favourite tools and resources to help you make the most authentic choices for your business, your community and your relationship with yourself.

My Invitation

  •     Three Month Transformational Immersion
  •     Two 60 minute Sessions per Month
  •     A Private Facebook Group for Two, just me & you and a whole lot of love
  •     My Full Energetic Support for You, Your Intentions and Your Vision

Your Commitment

An open heart, the willingness to fully commit to yourself and the deep desire to create a business and life that serves your tribe, creates vibrant abundance and nourishes you on every level.

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It's time to own your authentic brilliance!

You are a brilliant, shinning treasure and utterly unlike anyone else on the planet and so your plan of action needs to be laser focused & unique to support you, your desires, your brilliance and your mission, no one size fits all approach will do.

 I’d love to set-up a complimentary Discovery Session to learn more about you and your goals, share a little bit about how I work and recommend any resources and next steps that would be helpful, just click on the link below to set up a time for us to connect.