You’re here because


It’s a little scary to say aloud…
but in the quiet moments when you’re alone - you’ve admitted it.




If you're a writer, speaker, or creative I can help make this part of your journey so much simpler!

Love, it’s time you settle into your skin and let yourself be seen - on video, on social media, and yes - even in real life at your own (future) retreats, events, and speaking gigs!

You want it, but right now you’re hitting speed bumps. You’ve made some traction - but you keep stalling. You have an idea of who you want to help - but you can’t get clear, and you’re so wrapped up inside your business that it feels like you’ve lost sight of the bigger picture!

I help creatives just like you: 

  •  get crystal-fucking clear on their work (and life), 

  •  refine their message, and 

  •  finally unleash their: Brilliance, Voice, and Story 


  • Have looked at every single resource, but - you still can’t figure out how to become magnetic;

  • Are ready to accelerate the timeline to success even though you’re spread as thin as-can-be trying to run a household and tackle your to-do-list, or;

  • Know a little about the online marketing stuff but you’re too terrified to make videos, and have no idea how to authentically connect to your audience.


I'm Casey Erin Wood

As a writer, speaker, and coach, I merge my intuitive gifts with practical (get-shit-done) realism to help heart-centered women gain business (and life) clarity, refine their message, and unleash their voice.

I had a successful career in the film industry (making boatloads of money) but at a certain point I had to admit I didn’t give-a-damn and I wasn’t inspired or happy with my career. In an effort to find an answer I went on a journey - and as it turns out, the thing I was searching for was connection - with my body, my soul, and the universe. During my search, I voraciously consumed like 17,000 personal development books and courses (true story), went through three years of energy healing training, and traveled the world including a tour through the sacred goddess sites of Ireland.

When I returned home I realized (that inside my heart) I’ve always had everything I needed to show up and feel truly connected in my life and in my business. Now, I want to share that with you!

I'll help you:

  • Transform in the way you see everything around you - I’ll show you that your work is actually born in your heart  - to launch you’ve got to connect;
  • Break down your barriers, unleash your inner magic, and show up (fully) in all you do; and

  • Tune in with your body and connect to your soul so you can beam your light and share your authentic presence with the world.

    I know that every single one of us carries a unique spark inside us.



It’s made up of your talents, passions, personality quirks, challenges, and the victories you’ve experienced. It’s the one thing in the world that belongs to you, and you alone!

When you tune in to your AUTHENTIC BRILLIANCE you’ll start doing things you only ever dreamt of, like...
  • Publishing those gutsy blog posts you’ve stashed in a folder somewhere so you can (finally) make emotional connections with ideal clients.

  • Being present in your work so you can drop the mask of perfectionism, judgement, and self doubt that holds you back from shooting, uploading, or sharing videos (to grow your tribe).

  • Taking advantage of every opportunity (interviews on radio, podcasts, or blogs) to put yourself out there, own your power, and be a standout star.

If you're feeling lost, aren't making authentic connections, and aren't attracting the kind of clients you've always dreamt of, chances are you're still invisible.


I look forward to getting to know you better and supporting you in learning to own your brilliance.


Here's what I know about you:

  • You come from a place of love and service.
  • You want to become the kind of person people describe as powerful. My work is to help you own your power so you can be of service and make a meaningful impact in the world!
  • You. Are. Ready. - to be seen, to be heard, to be known!

Here's what I know about you:

  • I don’t do the “weather". Small talk is not my thing. I go deep, FAST! #smalltalksucks
  • My daughter, husband, and family are my centre.
  • I can be pragmatic, down to earth, and sassy. But… if you seem stuck I can sense it. Don’t be surprised if I suddenly ask you to close your eyes so I can balance your third chakra!
  • I believe that your vulnerabilities make you beautiful. If you share the squishiest, juiciest, most centre of your centre you will open yourself up to new opportunities, relationships, and possibilities.
Curious to know more?  Check out my manifesto, where I left it all on the table. I even made it into a pretty PDF... cause I'm all about beautiful things.  Click here to take a peek.