I had been on the search for a coach for months. However most of the coaches that I was being introduced to, just didn’t quite feel like the right fit. Then one day I listened to a podcast interview featuring none other than Casey herself, and I knew she was it! I was struggling with consistency, perfectionism and being visible in my business. Working with Casey is a truly transformative experience. She is genuine, compassionate and truly knows how to bring out your brilliance. What stood out the most for me is that she wasn’t all about doing things just to do them. She was able to help me get clear on my intentions as well as get grounded and see how it would energetically feel if I were to take on a task. Doing this is key for an ambitious person like me, who may get excited about launching something without analyzing timing, commitment, need, desired outcome etc. Wondering why you should work with her? She gets it. She is genuinely invested in your success. She will get you out of your own way, so you can shine your brilliant light. She will make sure you take the time to enjoy the process and celebrate yourself along the way! I’m so grateful to have her as my coach.

— Stepha LaFond Transformational Coach, Speaker, Lover of life

I came to Casey with the desire to help others, and my personal dream that I could do it through my art and creativity which I had kept hidden inside for awhile. So many transformative shifts came from working with Casey, but the most surprising thing was how quickly they all came about and how clearly I can see the possibilities now. She understood and embraced my “why” and kept me on course toward that vision. Just a few months later, my self confidence and self acceptance has increased. I have recognized my creative talents and gifts and have shared them with others, on social media and in public, which I didn’t do before. And I had a huge revelation around what holds me back from the things I want really deeply and I now have a new, more empowering way to approach those dreams.Before working with Casey, starting a business doing the things I loved seemed out of my grasp because I had no clue where to begin and I felt I had no one to support me (not even myself). Now, I feel clear and complete. And sad, because I’d like to keep her with me forever as my cheerleader! I feel like I’m going to need her. But she did for me everything she said she would (I was skeptical) and more. I am amazed by her.

— Julie Lynn Abrell, Encouragement Artist

Casey has been my coach for more than a year, and from our very first session I seriously knew she was going to change my life. Casey is a master at creating a safe, warm, nurturing space. In our work together, Casey has helped me uncover some of my hardest blocks and then guided me towards taking action around each one, which has been such an empowering, nourishing process. I’ve felt really heard for the first time, and through our work together have finally found clarity around what was making feel so stuck and frustrated and chaotic.

Since working with Casey, I have launched my I-want-this-so-badly-but-I’ll-never-be-brave-enough marketing business; completely shifted the focus of my I-want-this-so-badly-but-I’ll-never-be-brave-enough marketing business to be in-line with how I most authentically and genuinely want to help people; created and experienced a wedding that was full of real love, real ease, real gratitude (and real dancing); created a morning ritual, that helps keep me stay calm and grounded throughout the day and found myself feeling so much more empowered, clear and grateful (so grateful!) than I was a year ago.

If I could sit and talk to Casey all day, I would. But since I can’t, I’m okay sharing her. Seriously: if you’re ready to work through whatever has been holding you back and create the life you were put on this planet to live, jump on the phone with her. She’ll get you where you need to go — and breathe life back into your soul while she does.

— Alex Honeysett, Marketing Coach & Strategist

Working with Casey is one of those things you need to experience in order to know how good it really is. I could try and spend the time, try and find all the right words, but Casey is so much more than that, working with her is something you feel, she’s a journey, not just a walk in the park. With the most open mind and one of the strongest hearts, Casey fills me up with a loving warmth every time she speaks, but, more incredibly, every time she listens as well. Her wisdom and focus hone in on tangled parts of my mind and introduce clarity in a way I’ve never experienced before. Working with her gave meaning to that word. Simply put, Casey is life altering. Also, I would love to add that she is filled with the most awesome, beautiful surprises. I never thought a woman who pulled Goddess cards for me would also be able to relate to my love for the vulnerability in Eminem’s rap music!! Just another example of how this beautiful gentle soul is one authentic bombshell.

— Kelsey Belta, Transformative Coach & Speaker

Casey has an incredibly warm presence and a natural gift for seeing the best in others — and a knack for noticing any beliefs or obstacles that might be getting in the way. She asks smart questions, gives sage advice, and sends thoughtful follow-up notes that let you know she really cares. I love Casey’s natural excitement and contagious positivity — our coaching gave me a sense of lightness and clarity, and best of all, excitement for all the possibilities ahead. Casey is your go-to gal if you’re looking to shine even brighter in the world.

— Jenny Blake, Author, Speaker & Coach

Since I began working with Casey, I have faced a major fear and held my very first health event (and a very successful one at that!), spoke in front of a large group of people, something I thought I would NEVER be able to do and started working with clients and I am currently in the development stage of creating group programs so I can share my knowledge and vision with even more lovely ladies. This would all have not been possible, had I not had Casey’s guidance, friendship, support and unwavering confidence, that I too could make a difference and follow my passion. If you want to live a life of connection and authenticity, if you want someone to champion your soul and if you want to connect deep down with your innermost desires and make them a reality, then work with Casey.

— Emma Bowen, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Remedial Massage Therapist & Positive Life Pixie


I encourage everyone to take the time to find someone to talk too. My road block was actually doing it. When an opportunity appeared I remembered a teaching from Yoga School. “Answer the call” So I did. Followed by “Show up”. When you hear the feelings you are trying to articulate relayed to you in a clear, truthful, real way it lights up a spark. It turns you back on. All the tools in my tool box were there, but it was locked. Casey found the key. Simply, kindly, and confidently. I want to wrap myself up in love again, and hang out with all the creative souls, and get tipsy on life. Casey told me to celebrate. To celebrate what I was ending and now beginning. One kind gesture to myself sent me spiralling in a new direction that will ultimately benefit everyone as I move on, and trust in the process, feed all my desires. Working with Casey was empowering satisfaction. I went from feeling isolated to safe immediately. Casey dusted me off, picked me up and sent me vibrating on my way. I want more of what she’s got - motivation, inspiration, excitement, brain waves, illumination and vision.

— Jasmine Arney, Yoga Teacher & Thai Massage Practitioner

When I found out that Casey was beginning a career in life coaching I just sat back and said, “Yea, that’s the perfect thing for her”. Even before she officially started I told her I wanted to work with her because I just knew that her calm and encouraging personality is the perfect fit for me and for coaching. She (gently) forced me to take a look at certain areas where I was struggling and helped me to accept the word “commit” as something I need to do to move forward in my endeavours. Since working with Casey, magically 3 out of 5 of my goals have manifested themselves beautifully in a very short period of time. Who knows if that’s coincidence or not but I’d like to think NOT. Instead I would like to think that her encouragement turned on a light for me and pointed me in the direction I always knew I needed to move, but just hadn’t accepted yet. And now it is onward and upward in my pursuits! Thank you so much for your guidance Casey!

— Kristi Keller, Calgary, Canada 


Working with Casey has been a gift that is difficult to describe. She is the perfect blend of an intuitive, deep knowing, wise sister while truly embodying the practical no BS, get stuff done coach. Her mix of love, soft caring and real drive have helped me on tangible levels such as reframing my ’stuck’ places, setting a morning ritual (and sticking to it!), seeing my strengths and rolling up my sleeves to stop wishing and start making dramatic changes. I feel supported, understood and even magical after each call. I love the variety of tools and methods Casey employs which help me be even more confident in trusting Casey as my partner in transformation. She truly is authentically brilliant and walks her talk in everyday. I am honored to get to work with her!

— Shari Teigman, Transformational Coach & Business Sparkle Maker

The health scare that I had last fall was a turning point for me. The doctors were offering me a life of intense pain and I realized that I had wasted my past. I contacted Casey because she made me feel comfortable, I liked how she made the outcomes so tangible. That was important to me. I was trying to find happiness and balance again. My job (which I do like) had just taken over my life. While I tried on my own to get things back into balance, I just kept getting sucked back in. The most transformative shift that came from working with Casey was the realization that the thing missing most from my life was FUN. I never would have figured this out on my own, but it was fundamental to why I was feeling so unhappy. Now I’m scheduling fun into my life as a priority. I’ve gone to comedy clubs, movies, family outings — even dressed like Lady Gaga for a concert with special friends. I’m writing this on a family holiday on Nikoi (where I’m not bothering to check my blackberry). If you are considering working with Casey I would say without hesitation, you absolutely should!

— Julia Smith, Singapore


Casey has a brilliant ability to be a catalyst of inner wisdom, her innate nurturing allowed me to access my own deeper knowing. I am feeling more creative and “in-flow” than I’ve felt or a long time. She opened me up to a world of possibility where my natural inclination was to shut down - I can’t “un-know” that feeling, so it’s open forever now. She inspires authentic brilliance with such gentle ease, that taking action to create a better life becomes a softening, an opening, rather than some big scary leap of faith, and I love her for it.

— Mariska Anderson Ph. D. - Coach, Writer, Intuitive