Over five days learn the foundational feminine practices to own your magic so you can find the confidence to shine bright, captivate your audience and make a bigger freaking impact than you ever imagined.


You don’t need to know everything about everything.


You just need to take action on what you already know.


And you need to trust yourself.


I know you have oodles of talent and ridiculously inspiring stories to share (it's why you're here). 

But maybe you’re like the hundreds of women I’ve worked with (and I see this all the time) instead of stepping onto swanky stages, launching your next big thing to adoring fans, or writing the mother f’ing book already, you’re:

  • Hiding. Behind perfection. Behind busy-ness. Behind other people’s formulas and frameworks—trying to follow someone else’s system or strategy.
  • Wasting time trying to be who they think they should be, instead of their already freaking fabulous selves (you know, the one that actually magnetizes YOUR people to you).
  • Stuck in spirals, going round and round with the same ideas or paralyzed by too many of them—leaving their dreams on permanent pause.
  • So, so lonely. Without a community. No one to hold their big vision with them. No one who understands what it takes to bring that vision into technicolour real-live-life!

Sound familiar? Wow, are you in the right place!

I want every woman to own her magic!

There’s so much noise on the interwebs.

People prattling on about high-converting sales funnels; building a marketable author platform; content monetization strategies; leveraging your unique brand proposition; and those nauseatingly inescapable 7-figure launch formulas.

Frameworks and funnels and formulas, oh my!

But you know what’s missing from all of it… YOU! 


All that stuff falls flat (and most of it keeps you stuck and spiralling) until you’re crystal f*cking clear on who you are and what you believe. 

Until you learn to trust YOURSELF.

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Listen, I’ve been there. 

I’ve downloaded the formulas, taken the courses and done the masterminds. 

I’ve squeezed myself into other people’s systems, contorted my work into someone else’s framework and made life way harder than it needed to be following strategies that weren’t my own.

And you know what, it left me overwhelmed, over-coached and more confused than ever. 

So I went back to what I know best, me. 

Back to trusting myself and trusting the universe has my back. 

And that my friend, has made all the difference.

You and me, we’re not like everyone else—and that’s a good thing! 

And you can’t buy a handbook for your life—that’s an even better thing! 

You get to write your own, on gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. stationary if it makes your quirky, creative, multi-passionate little heart happy.

I’m here for women speaking up, sharing their stories, amplifying their ideas and changing the mother trucking world.

It’s why I created the Ruby Slipper School of Magic Initiation Challenge.

Because I know when women are clear on exactly who they are and learn to trust in themselves—and the magic of the universe—they’re able to do things like they’ve never done before. They stop second-guessing, they stop waiting on a permission slip and they start taking focused, fast action on their dreams.

Which leads directly to more visibility, more impact and more success (and oh, ya, more delicious, spacious joy and connection, no bigs)!

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Because when you’re clear on exactly who you are and learn to trust yourself anything is possible.

In the Initiation Challenge, you’ll learn the foundational feminine practices to own your magic

Over five days I’ll share concrete tools and practices that will teach you how to trust in yourself and in your brilliance, so you can ditch the doubt and start taking focused action on your dreams—clear on exactly where you want to go and confident in knowing you’re the one to get you there!

Plus, you'll develop the skills necessary to see, hear and trust in synchronicity—those divine winks from the Universe—in less time than it takes to watch a Drag Race triple header.

Inside the Ruby Slipper School of Magic Initiation Challenge, you’ll learn how to access the magic that (always has been) inside you. The magic that’s going to allow you to connect with your people, your creative muse, your audience, your customers and most importantly—yourself.

Clarity, confidence and connection, YES, PLEASE! Sign me up!

Over five magical days, you’ll get access to meditations, playsheets, tools and exercises designed to kick-start your confidence, sparkle-ize your clarity and infuse your life with freedom, ease and fun!

Before you know it you’ll be doing things like:

  • Pushing send on the pitch you’ve been tweaking for-evah
  • Outlining the course you've been wanting to create for years
  • Hitting submit on your TEDx application
  • Rolling through the edits in your book, crystal clear on your next steps and the book's ideal structure
  • Being present for the people you love and feeling more connected than you have in years
  • Playing with your kids and fur babies (guilt-free)
  • Waking up feeling light and free and ready to put whatever you want into action
Here's what you'll learn on each day of the challenge...
  • Your unique experience of your inner knowing. How does it communicate with you? 
  • Qualities to look for in your body when you’re accessing your intuition
  • An Inner Knowing Meditation to pinpoint those sensations in your body, any time
  • A Let’s Get Curious Playsheet to continue building a map of intuition in your own body
  • How finding the balance between masculine and feminine energies supercharges your creativity
  • What you can do to boost your creative flow and connect with your magic
  • How to deepen your relationship with receiving. How easily do you accept a compliment? Or even a cup of coffee? It matters!
  • An evocative meditation that will leave you in a state of luscious receptivity
  • How to amp up your ability to receive—insight, wisdom and creative inspiration
  • Why valuing ourselves—through exquisite self-care—is an act of revolution and a rather delightful way to smash the patriarchy 
  • How to create your own Rejuvenation Ritual (including a step-by-step guide and an industrial strength list of self-care ideas to choose from)
  • The secret to infusing magic into absolutely EVERYTHING
  • How intuition and synchronicity are working together to guide you—all-the-freaking-time
  • How to clearly spot those divine winks from the Universe (you know the ones that are trying to lead you home to your magic, so you can shine as bright as the stars!)
  • Four potent ways to “spark” synchronicity—powerful exercises to elicit (and notice) more synchronicity in your life
  • How gratitude and desire fuel one another—and elevate your magic!
  • What’s possible when you connect to the energetic vibration of gratitude and desire
  • An expansive meditation that will have you aligned with (and luxuriating in) that powerful energy—and ready to step into your ruby shoes and be the biggest, brightest, most brilliant version of yourself!

And there just might be a surprise bonus for the finishers and magic makers (which is exactly who you’ll be after the challenge)

Okay, there’s definitely a bonus, so you’re going to want to get in there and start owning your magic!


During the challenge, you'll learn to... 

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Your Brilliance

When you’re at a dinner party and someone asks, what do you do? Instead of literally choking on your words and fumbling through, you tell them… effortlessly.

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The Doubt

Trust in yourself is the ultimate confidence booster. Say bye-bye to overthinking, perfection paralysis, your inner mean girl and all of the other bullsh*t that has you playing small.

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Your Audience

Have a community of loyal and loving fans who think you’re the bomb-diggity, who eat up your delicious work then ask for seconds… to share with friends. Yes, please!

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A Commotion

No longer give a flying frisbee what other people think, you’ve got shit to do and you’re going to do it your way because you’re here to make a difference. And the time for you to make an impact is now.


The challenge is designed to be 100% doable.


Because who’s got the time or energy to add one more thing to their to-do list? 


The challenge isn’t about skimming the lessons, ticking a box and hoping your brain retains something.

It’s about listening and being aware on a level you likely forgot existed (or maybe haven’t learned to access yet). 

It’s about deep breaths, long pauses and SPACE.


Own your magic and become the “OMG I’m such a huge fan” creative you were born to be in a way that feels deliciously and totally YOU!


I want every woman to own her Magic.


Because when you’re crystal clear on your brilliance—when you own your magic—you’ll have the confidence to become the “OMG, I’m such a huge fan” creative you were born to be. 

Think of me as your own personal Glinda, helping you become the kind of woman that changes lives, just by being YOU.

Whether that’s hitting share on a butterflies-in-your-belly Instagram post, dishing the real-real on your favourite podcast or simply chatting with the barista who makes your extra-hot-vanilla-oat-latte—you affect people, you elevate ideas, you make things better. 

That’s owning your magic—being so connected to who you are and what you believe that you can’t help but make a massive impact.


That’s what this challenge is about.

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Become the kind of woman that changes lives,

just by being YOU!