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Hey there. I’m Casey.   
I help women get really good at being themselves.  


So you can create a magical life just by being YOU.












What’s a Magical Life? Imagine…
  • Waking up feeling light and free and ready to put whatever you want into action, everything just flows
  • Having the time and clutter-cutting clarity to make progress on what matters most to you
  • Being invited to speak at a drool-worthy event, one you’ve only dreamed of attending
  • Needing a new print run of your book, cause now it needs the NY Times Bestseller badge. #MagicalLifeProblems
  • Being interviewed on your favourite podcast (you know the one with the host you’ve been low-key stalking for years)
  • Booking a coveted speaking gig and knowing you’re gonna kill it! Mic drop anyone?
  • Having money. in. the. bank. All T, no shade. Money matters, it gives you the freedom to keep creating and keep causing a commotion
I want a magical life!
But since you’re here, I’m guessing that’s not happening now.


If you’re anything like the hundreds of women I’ve worked with, you secretly feel like you’re:

  • Overcomplicating things and guilty of making life harder than it needs to be
  • Drowning in life, a billion things on your to-do list—most you’ve transferred so many times you’re tired of writing them
  • Living in a world of overwhelm, feeling depleted and scattered
  • Stuck with no idea how to get out, with a mind that loves to overthink everything
  • Frozen, trying to do everything perfectly
  • Wishing someone would, for-the-love-of-all-things-Anthropologie, just tell you what to do already
  • Hiding, because people throw rocks at things that shine
  • Wondering what happened to the wide-eyed, sparkly woman who started all this in the first place
  • Beginning to feel like maybe you just can’t do it

If any of that sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. 

I’m thrilled you found me because there’s something you need to know… 


You’re on this planet to share your brilliance. 

It’s why you're here.


It’s why I created the Ruby Slipper School of Magic


Because you only get one life, why not make it magic



Let's do it together...

Your Brilliance

When you’re at a dinner party and someone asks, what do you do? Instead of literally choking on your words and fumbling through, you tell them… effortlessly.


Your Audience

Have a community of raving fans who think you’re the bomb-diggity, who eat up your delicious work then ask for seconds… to share with friends.


A Commotion

No longer give a flying frisbee what other people think, you’ve got shit to do and you’re going to do it your way because you’re here to make a difference.

I'm ready to cause a commotion!
Life is hard until you allow the magic of the universe to lead you home to yourself.

I’ve been where you are now.

I know how it feels to see glimmers of your big future but fear you’re never going to get there. To worry you’re not enough and somehow too much all at the same time. To spend way too much time tuned into Inner Mean Girl radio.

Believe me when I tell you: You’re exactly right, just as you are. 

And believe P!nk when she tells you: You’re F**kin’ Perfect.

Over the last nine years, I’ve helped hundreds of women step into their ruby shoes and realize, they’ve always had the power.

One of my clients grew her Youtube channel to 35,000 followers (one of her videos has 17 million views! that’s what I call captivating your audience). Another client left her (stressful, soul-sucking) corporate job and founded her own communications agency, now she helps build brands that actually mean something to the communities they serve.

Here are a few others, in their own words…

“Working with Casey is a truly transformative experience.”

I was struggling with consistency, perfectionism and being visible in my business. Casey gets it. She is genuine, compassionate and truly knows how to bring out your brilliance. She will get you out of your own way, so you can shine your brilliant light. And she will make sure you take the time to enjoy the process and celebrate yourself along the way!

Stepha LaFond - Motherhood Coach

“Casey is your go-to gal if you’re looking to shine even brighter in the world.”

Casey has an incredibly warm presence and a natural gift for seeing the best in others — and a knack for noticing any beliefs or obstacles that might be getting in the way. I love Casey’s natural excitement and contagious positivity — our coaching gave me a sense of lightness and clarity, and best of all, excitement for all the possibilities ahead.

Jenny Blake - Author, Speaker + Podcaster

Ready to step into your Ruby Slippers and make the connections you’re craving and the impact you know you’re meant to make?


Just follow the yellow brick road, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...



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I want every woman to own her Magic.

All of my work is about helping you become the kind of woman who changes lives, just by being YOU. Whether that’s hitting share on a butterflies-in-your-belly Instagram post, dishing the real-real on your favourite podcast or simply chatting with the barista who makes your extra-hot-vanilla-oat-latte—you affect people, you elevate ideas, you make things better. 

That’s owning your magic—being so connected to who you are and what you believe that you can’t help but make a massive impact. 

That’s what I want for you.

I want for me too!

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