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Hey there! I'm Casey.


Writer. Coach. Magic Believer. 


Small Talk Avoider. Patriarchy Smasher. Kitchen Dancer. 


Extroverted Introvert. Energy Healer. Mom.

I help women own their magic, so they can change the mother-trucking world.

Here’s what I know about you…  
  • You know you’re here to make a difference in the world, you’re just not entirely sure how to go about it
  • You’ve lived through some shit and learned a lot in the process
  • You find it hard to describe what you do—you get it on the inside but have trouble expressing it on the outside
  • You want to stop procrastinating on the work your heart knows it wants to do
  • You sometimes wonder if you really have what it takes—you do, but so I get the doubt, good thing you’re here, phew… 

Oh, and I’m guessing you have a few questions about me, this is an About Page after all... 

Do you really believe the universe is talking to you?

And other fun FAQs. 

Who are you?

I’m Casey and I’m obsessed with helping women become the biggest, brightest, most brilliant version of themselves because that’s how we’re going to change the world.

I’m a big middle finger to the patriarchy which has us playing small; hiding our gifts and talents; feeling like we have to be everything to everyone; doubting ourselves; constantly seeking approval; feeling like we have to do everything perfectly; beating ourselves up over every tiny mistake and overriding our own intuition. 

That shit’s exhausting. No wonder so many of us are scattered, depleted and feel like we’re staring down a dark hole of overwhelm.

I know that place all too well and I have no intention of going back. 

What saves me every time I skate too close to the overwhelm abyss is turning back to the tools, practices and rituals—the magic lessons—that remind me how fucking amazing I am and give me the clarity, focus and breathing space to make progress on the things that matter to me most—while leaving me plenty of time (and energy) to listen to my kid’s awesome stories from her day.

How exactly can you help me?

By showing you how to be the kind of woman who changes lives, just by being YOU. 

This means you actually get to be you—the biggest, brightest, most brilliant version of you. The one who knows exactly who she is, who trusts herself and who has the confidence to put herself and her work out in the world. The YOU who pitches top-rated podcasts, steps onto TEDx stages, lands your dream agent and who never hesitates to answer the question: So, what do you do? Because you believe in yourself and know the kind of impact you can make. 

I created the Ruby Slipper School of Magic as a place for you to step into your own ruby slippers and realize, you’ve always had the power.

What is this place? 

The Ruby Slipper School of Magic is the expansive umbrella that covers all of my work. I’m a writer, coach and curator of creative community—all so you can learn to own your magic

Here you’ll find resources to help you:

  • Trust your magic and stop hiding. Behind perfection. Behind busy-ness. Behind your laptop (tinkering with your website, watching yet another webinar and, let’s be honest, sometimes Netflix), because you’re not-quite-ready-yet
  • Learn to trust your intuition (so you can stop overthinking and make a damn decision already)
  • Find like-minded love bugs who understand what you’re trying to accomplish, will hold your big vision with you and will reflect your brilliance back to you (when you inevitably forget)
Why is it called Ruby Slipper School of Magic?

Growing up I loved The Wizard of Oz. It used to air at Thanksgiving and every year I’d scour the TV guide to make sure I didn’t miss it. Years later it dawned on me how ahead of its time it was. I’m not talking about the visual effects—although the house landing on the Wicked Witch was pretty impressive—I’m talking about a female lead, in 1939, one who’s looking for her place in the world, trying to find “home” and who comes to realize everything she needed was with her all along, she “always had the power”.

Those ruby slippers burned themselves in my brain, a sparkly symbol of female empowerment, in a world that constantly told me that I was “less than”. Every woman deserves to step into her ruby shoes and “come home”, to herself!

Why should I care?

Because until you know who you are, how the hell are you ever gonna know what you’re capable of becoming?

Knowing who you are. Coming home to yourself. Owning your magic. Being the biggest, brightest, most brilliant version of yourself. Stepping into your ruby shoes. 

I’m a writer, so I say it a bunch of different ways, but the essence is the same—I want you to be crystal-fucking-clear on your brilliance; have Prada bags full of confidence; and all the time, energy and delicious breathing space you need to make your dreams (including the ones you haven’t yet imagined) come true.

Do you really believe the universe is speaking to you?

I do! In fact, learning to trust that is a big part of the memoir I’m writing. I believe the universe is always speaking to us, sending us signs, symbols and synchronicities—constantly conspiring to bring us home to ourselves. The little whisper from within, the perfect song shuffling into your Spotify, the person who arrives in your world just as you need to hear what they have to say. Paying attention and trusting these “divine winks” is life-changing. Want to learn how? Check out my Initiation Challenge.

What’s the book you're writing about?

One-line version: Life is hard until you allow the magic of the universe to lead you home to yourself. 

Back of the book version: It’s a memoir about how my family's legacy of Irish Catholic conservatism and mainstream misogyny left me believing I was broken and set me on a journey through men, music and eventually the magical mists of Ireland in search of belonging and a place to call home, blind to the fact that the one thing I believed was keeping me safe was actually keeping me separate.

Is it true you wrote a piece for The New York Times... submitted it... had it accepted... and published...

All in the same week?

Yup, that’s true too. How? See the previous answer. Basically, I got a feeling—a divine wink—that let me know it was a done deal. My job was to write it, the universe would take care of the rest. The “juice” and “magic” were palpable, all I had to do was put the words on the page. So that’s what I did. Next thing I knew I was holding a copy of the Times, reading my own story.

OMG, I love all of this, I’m so in.

What should I do next?

You should sign up to get my emails—quick bursts of inspiration, motivation and delight—like having your own Glinda the Good Witch popping by your inbox. And I always include a Magic Lesson, bite-sized gems of actionable magic for the busy gal on the go, that will have you seeing, hearing and trusting in magic—and yourself!

Because that’s exactly how you become the “OMG I’m such a huge fan!” creative you were born to be.

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7 Random Facts... 

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I love learning and have more framable parchments than I know what to do with. I graduated from film school; trained as a bookkeeper; completed yoga teacher training; got certified as an Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner (a 3-year program at an honest-to-goodness college—you gotta love the west coast); and am a certified Life Coach. The best part is now I get to swirl all of it together into my work.

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I’m spiritual AF (in case that wasn’t clear with the whole school of magic thing) but miss me with incense, patchouli or any “new age” nonsense. I see no disconnect in believing the universe has my back and still carrying my Furla purse, enjoying my regularly scheduled manicure or splurging on the occasional first-class upgrade. Also if you ever see me wearing tie-dye, call the authorities, I’ve been kidnapped.

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I love to quilt—bringing individually exquisite elements of pattern and colour together, combining them in complementary ways, contrasting one against the other, highlighting each’s uniqueness and eventually creating an even more beautiful whole—it’s kinda the perfect metaphor for my work. I love helping women harmonize their gifts, talents, passions, quirks, wisdom and singular uniqueness into a brilliant whole they can shine out to the world.

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I’m obsessed with television (basically anything with crackerjack character development). I used to think it was a personal failing. Like what kind of lazy good-for-nothin’ watches that much TV!? Until I realized my obsession is simply an extension of my love of story, my raison d'etre if you will. Now I watch guilt-free and dish out my favourite finds in my newsletter. Want the scoop? Click here.

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I went alcohol-free in February 2020, when I finally realized I didn’t have a problem (yup—that I did not have a problem). I grew up believing you either drank alcohol like a normal person or you had a problem, and I sure as hell didn’t want that label! Turns out consuming a carcinogenic neurotoxin on the regular isn’t actually a requirement. I have zero judgement on others’ choices, you do you boo, but it remains one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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Between me and my hubby we have four businesses, three kids, two very badly behaved French Bulldogs and one fabulously full life. So I need to trust myself to make decisions fast, without overthinking and second-guessing everything. (If you could use some help in that department I’ve got you covered.)

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Women astound me. Gathering, connecting, laughing, strategizing and celebrating with other women has revolutionized my life, so I created a community to bring that gift to other women. When women you trust, admire, respect and love reflect your brilliance back to you it’s like injecting steroids into the process of learning to own your magic. Join us to find your magic… and your people.

About Casey Erin Wood

My official Bio, written in the 3rd person, so it seems all profesh and we can pretend I didn’t write it myself.

Casey Erin Wood is a writer and coach for multi-passionate women who want to become the “OMG, I’m such a huge fan!” creative they were born to be.

Through her Ruby Slipper School of Magic, she helps women get really good at being themselves—being so crystal clear on their brilliance that they ditch the doubt and start making the impact they know they’re meant to make. 

Casey’s helped hundreds of women step into their ruby shoes and realize they’ve always had the power. Her clients have gone on to create massive YouTube followings, publish paradigm-shifting books and leave soul-sucking corporate gigs to start companies that actually mean something to the communities they serve.

Casey’s been featured in places like HuffPost, The Muse, Scarry Mommy and The New York Times.

When she’s not championing women to shamelessly change the world you’ll find her killing her darlings in her (oh-so-soon-to-be-finished) memoir, plotting (yet another) trip to Ireland or bingeing her latest television addiction (hint: anything with crackerjack character development).

Casey lives on the shores of Georgian Bay with her multiple hat-wearing husband, her unabashedly sassy teenage daughter and her two very badly behaved French Bulldogs, Gus & Mabel.

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You still here?


Okay, a few more rapid-fire randoms...   

  • I unschooled my daughter until 7th grade (unschooling is like homeschooling, without the school part).
  • I split my time between two lakes, Georgian Bay and Lake Rosseau in Muskoka.
  • I have dual citizenship, Canadian and Irish.
  • I’ve been a stepmom for twenty years.
  • I come from a huge Irish family, for almost five decades we’ve gathered every other year for a reunion.
  • I can still do the splits, but only on the right side.
  • Favourite food: Soup. Favourite flower: Ranunculus. Favourite person: My kid (most days).
  • "Casey" is Celtic for brave it took me a very long time to remember that.

  • I have my personal motto tattooed on my forearm: Trust. Surrender. Leap. Trust, in yourself and in the magic of the universe. Surrender to the outcome. Leap, get your butt into action.

You ready to leap?