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I LOVE the voice in your newsletter. It's sassy, bold, and comforting all at once.

~ Lisa C.
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Your emails are saucy AF… and I love it!

~ Trish B.
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I love your newsletters!

~ Julie N.
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I love getting your emails and absolutely LOVE the sound of your memoir, I can’t wait to read it.

~ Vig G.
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I LOVE reading your emails. You bring a fresh perspective and encourage me to be unreservedly myself. You bring a little magic sparkle to my inbox!! So much better than the usual promotional stuff!

~ Gail S.
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I love that you share a little piece of yourself every week. With such a loss of connection and interaction in the world, your emails make me feel like I’m not walking this planet alone.

~ Jasmine K.
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I’m so happy I discovered you. You remind me that I’m worth something—and something cool at that. Thank you for the smiles and craic I need!

~ Deb. T
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THAT PARAGRAPH you shared from your book took my breath away.

~ Jenn S.
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Holy shit. You’re so frickin funny and are such an interesting, awesome force. Thanks for this burst of genius wisdom and writing.

 ~ Shannon S.
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Your emails are synchronicity at its most sublime! Between your delightful stories and way with words, there’s always something I need to hear in that moment. Magic!

~ Cathy C.
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Hey love, I'm Casey.

I help multi-passionate creative women get really good at being themselves. Because when you’re crystal clear on your brilliance—when you own your magic—you’ll have the confidence to become the “OMG, I’m such a huge fan” creative you were born to be. 

Ultimately all of my work is about helping you become the kind of woman that changes lives, just by being YOU.

Whether that’s hitting share on a butterflies-in-your-belly Instagram post, dishing the real-real on your favourite podcast or simply chatting with the barista who makes your extra-hot-vanilla-oat-latte—you affect people, you elevate ideas, you make things better. 

That’s owning your magic—being so connected to who you are and what you believe that you can’t help but make a massive impact.

That’s what I want for you.