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Golden Bubble Meditation


In order to hear your intuition you need two things, breathing space and boundaries. 


The space to get quiet and the boundaries to know where you end and the rest of the world begins. 

Because when you’re able to hear your inner wisdom, everything gets easier.

  • Less complication, more clarity
  • Less perfection, more progress
  • Less overwhelm, more joy

The intention of this meditation is to create a beautiful energetic boundary around yourself—one you can use when you're in a difficult situation, or with people that drain the ever-loving life out of you, or when you just need to hear your own damn inner voice for a sec.


The more you practice using the Golden Bubble meditation the easier it will be to discern your inner voice in a noisy world.


Golden Bubble Meditation
Hearing your intuition is one thing. 

Learning to trust what you hear, well that’s a horse of different colour. 

I’ve helped hundreds of women learn to trust their intuition and find the clarity and confidence to be the biggest, brightest, most brilliant version of themselves.

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